2016 Angus Australia Regional Forum videos available

August 17, 2016 4:42 pm

The theme for the 2016 Angus Australia Regional Forums was “Genomics in a Modern Angus Beef Business”, predominantly focusing on the opportunities to utilise the ever increasing range of genomic technologies in Angus beef breeding operations. The presentations addressed questions such as:

  • What genomic technologies are available?
  • What are the main considerations when investing in genomic technology?
  • What opportunities are provided by genomics?
  • What are the main challenges when utilising genomics?
  • What genomic technologies are likely to be available in the future?

The regional forums were delivered by Angus Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Peter Parnell, Breed Development & Extension Manager, Andrew Byrne, and Strategic Projects Manager, Christian Duff.

Video presentations are available to view below.

Andrew Byrne – Angus Australia
Understanding Genomics – The Basics of DNA

Understanding Genomics Youtube

Christian Duff – Angus Australia
Application of DNA Technology in a Modern Beef Business

Application of DNA Technology Youtube

Andrew Byrne – Angus Australia
Making Genetic Improvements with Genomics

Making Genetic Improvements Youtube

Christian Duff – Angus Australia
Genomics – What does the future hold

Genomics What does the future hold Youtube


Producer Case Study
Genomics in a Modern Beef Business

Education Case Study Youtube