Angus Australia introduces the new HD50K for Angus

August 20, 2018 5:05 pm

Angus Australia and Zoetis Genetics have joined forces to announce the introduction of a new genotyping platform for Angus cattle that will be available from September 1st 2018, HD50K for Angus.

HD50K for Angus is a new genomic product for Angus seedstock cattle available exclusively to Angus Australia members.

“HD50K for Angus is a replacement for Zoetis i50K and HD50K products that are currently available to Angus Australia members,” said Zoetis Genetics Manager (ANZ) Daniel Abernethy.

“Zoetis continues to invest heavily in the innovation of genomic technologies and the release of the new HD50K for Angus is another example of this continuous improvement approach,” said Mr Abernethy.

The product enables Angus seedstock breeders to make more informed selection decisions by increasing the accuracy of the Angus TACE EBVs available for their animals, particularly when animals are of a young age and for traits that are typically hard to measure.

HD50K for Angus also includes parentage verification, with the capability to conduct “add-on” testing for 7 genetic conditions, plus myostatin and coat colour.

Angus Australia Breed Development and Extension Manager Andrew Byrne says that the new HD50K for Angus product is the next generation of the current Zoetis i50K genomic test.

“HD50K for Angus includes an additional 8,000 SNPS by comparison to the current i50K,” Mr Byrne said.

“The additional SNP content has been specifically selected to be the most informative in Angus cattle.”

The HD50K innovation can be purchased from the Angus Australia website at a price of $51.45 (inc GST), which is the same price as the current Zoetis i50K product.

The HD50K for Angus is just one of a number of programs undertaken by Angus Australia in assisting the development and innovation of the Angus breed through research-based initiatives.

“HD50K for Angus is part of Angus Australia’s commitment to ensuring Angus breeders in Australia have access to world leading genetic improvement technologies,” Mr Byrne said.

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For more information regarding the introduction of HD50K for Angus, please contact either Angus Australia on (02) 6773 4600, or Zoetis Animal Genetics on 1300 768 400.