Angus Australia launches initiative focused on commercial beef sector

August 24, 2016 2:35 pm

Angus Australia is pleased to announce the commencement of a new program focused on supporting the commercial sector of the beef supply chain.

This initiative will be led by Ms Liz Pearson, as Angus Australia’s Commercial Development Manager.

Ms Pearson, who has been employed with Angus Australia since early 2016 in a marketing role, has extensive experience and contacts with the commercial beef supply chain.

Ms Pearson is local to the New England region of New South Wales, and comes from her family’s commercial Angus operation and stock and station agency located at Guyra.

Ms Pearson’s background includes over 11 years’ experience in the feedlot industry managing logistics, research and extension projects and product sales, along with a number of marketing and project management roles throughout the wider beef industry over the last 16 years.

“I am very much looking forward to furthering my involvement with Angus Australia in a program that I feel has the capacity to bring tangible value to breeders of Angus cattle and in particular commercial breeders” says Ms Pearson.

“The enhancement of relationships throughout the beef supply chain and a better understanding of what our market wants from us can only bring vigour and robustness to the Angus breed”, she says.

“The Commercial Development Program will focus on achieving greater engagement with major participants in the beef supply chain (commercial breeders, backgrounders, feedlotters, processors, exporters), to facilitate the success of initiatives to assist members achieve greater returns from the production of quality Angus and Angus cross cattle.”

“These initiatives are designed to recognise, enhance and protect the competitive advantages of Angus in the commercial supply chain and thus create greater demand for registered Angus genetics” said Ms Pearson.

In announcing the new Commercial Development Manager role, CEO, Dr Peter Parnell said “Angus Australia is fortunate to have someone of the high calibre and experience of Liz Pearson to lead Angus Australia’s new commercial development initiatives.”

“The low national beef herd numbers have put significant pressure on cattle procurement into the beef supply chain of late and this provides a timely opportunity to consider strategies for achieving greater engagement with key supply chain participants, in particular feedlotters and processors”, he said.

“Angus Australia is committed to servicing the needs of our commercial members and enhancing our engagement with supply chain participants”, Dr Parnell said.

Dr Parnell said that Angus Australia’s strong commercial focus is strongly supported by its Board of Directors, the majority of which run significant commercial beef operations as well as seedstock enterprises.

“In fact, the current President, Mrs Libby Creek, from Kangaroo Island SA, having previously been involved in seedstock production, is now engaged entirely in commercial beef production”, Dr Parnell said.

“Angus Australia’s Vice-President, Mr Brad Gilmour, is a well know commercial beef producer from Western Victoria”, he said.

“This exemplifies that Angus Australia’s interest goes well beyond simply servicing the needs of its registered seedstock members, but to engaging with the entire beef supply chain involved in the use of Angus and Angus-cross genetics”, he said.