Angus Australia office operations to be restored on 1st July 2020

June 24, 2020 9:22 am

Members are advised that from Wednesday 1st July, all functions at the Angus Australia office will be fully restored with our office-based staff returning following several weeks working from home in response to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Due to the efforts of staff working from their home offices, and the considerate understanding of members during this period, Angus Australia has been able to maintain services to members with minimal disruption during the pandemic.  Whilst the COVID-19 crisis is not over, we believe that with added hygiene precautions and strict physical distancing protocols maintained at the office, it is now safe for staff to return to their normal work environment. 

On behalf of the team at Angus Australia I thank all members for their patience and understanding over recent weeks and apologise if you have experienced any delays in our completion of your work during this extraordinary time.

I wish all members and your families the best of health and safety as we continue to work together with our communities to eliminate the potential impacts of COVID-19.

Peter Parnell
24th June 2020