Angus Australia Stakeholder Survey

May 13, 2019 4:17 pm

Angus Australia has commissioned independent market research to assist in servicing its strategic objective to deliver relevant breeding technology services and tools for the continuous enhancement of Angus and Angus influenced cattle and beef products, to members, their customers and the Australian beef industry.

Facilitated by integrated research and communications division of Fairfax Agricultural Media, Chi Squared, to undertake independent market research, a survey has been sent to Angus Australia members and beef producers throughout Australia. The survey aims to measure the impact and evaluate the success of the services in place to assist members and their customers in their breeding decisions and to obtain bench line data on the current skills, attitudes and adoption practices of beef producers.  Furthermore, the market research will also evaluate the penetration of Angus genetics into beef production systems in southern and northern Australia.

This research will be followed by a subsequent survey in four to five years’ time to measure changes in producer skills, knowledge and attitudes in the adoption of breeding technology, and to monitor trends in the penetration of Angus genetics in the industry.

The market research will sample over 2,000 beef producers around Australia through a combination of phone interviews and an online quantitative survey. Funding assistance for the market research has been provided by Meat & Livestock Australia through the MLA Donor Company.

The market research and survey will be conducted during May – June 2019.

Producers can also complete the anonymous survey by CLICKING HERE.

For further information regarding the market research, please contact the Angus Australia Office on (02) 6773 4600 or at, or Jonathan Faris on email