Angus Australia’s Top 10 – A year in review 2018

December 19, 2018 10:27 am

2018 has certainly been a year of contrasts across the country, but one thing that has remained consistent has been the demand for Angus and Angus influenced cattle across Australia and the recognition of programs that Angus Australia and its members have been involved in. As we draw closer to the end of the year, it is very timely to reflect on the top stories coming out of Angus Australia.  

Here we reflect on the top 10 stories as judged by reader traffic on the website. 

Most Widely Used Sires in Last Two Years

EF Complement 8088 has the most progeny born in the last two years, followed by Te Mania Emperor E343 and Matauri Reality 839. These bulls have a combined total of 5,738 progeny born during this period. 



 Supporting the leaders of tomorrow

Achmea Australia and Angus Australia announce a program to support the leaders of tomorrow. Specialist rural insurance company Achmea Australia and registered breed organisation Angus Australia have today announced a new program designed to support the future leaders of Australia’s Beef and Agricultural industries.



Introducing the 2018 Angus Australia Board of Directors

At the 99th Annual General Meeting of the Angus Society of Australia on the 24th of May 2018, the results of the 2018 Directors ballot were formally declared. The first meeting of this Board took place the following day, with Brad Gilmour from Victoria elected to the President’s chair, following the completion of Libby Creek’s two year tenure and Sam White from New South Wales elected as the Vice President. 



Who are the ASBP Cohort 9 Sires?

The Angus Sire Benchmarking Program (ASBP) will see the entry of 22 new bulls, selected from over 50 nominations, to produce the Cohort 9 calves. 



27 year old APR record broken at Millah Murrah

Set in 1991 when Hazeldean J453 was sold for $27,000, the top price for an APR (Angus Performance Register) Angus bull has remained at that level for 27 years. 



Supporting the future of the beef industry

The Angus Australia Foundation offers a number study scholarships to Angus Australia members to support them in completing their tertiary studies in courses that will benefit the Australian beef industry. 



What to do after AI?

One of the most common technical questions the Repro360 team receives is how should producers manage their herd after they have completed an AI program. For this article, we thought we would provide you with some common options that are often used in typical beef herds. As with any decision to engage in assisted reproduction, the choice usually comes down to your breeding objectives and the resources you have at hand 



VALIDATED – Variation in Angus Carcase Value

A repeated study has validated the variation that exists in Angus carcase value. The study revealed a$695 per carcasedifference based on carcase data collected in Cohort 5 of the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program (ASBP). 



2018 Beef Australia Scholarships

Beef Australia is held every three years and is a world class event that showcases more than 4000 cattle along with hosting numerous seminars, property tours and conferences. Held in Rockhampton QLD, Beef Australia attracts more than 75,000 local, interstate and international visitors. The Angus Australia Foundation along with the Queensland State Committee have offered three young Angus Youth enthusiasts the opportunity to experience Beef Australia. 


 Understanding a bull’s influence in your herd

Often the value placed on a bull within a breeding program has a very short-term focus, with high expectations on him and the immediate influence he will have. These expectations often lead to good bulls receiving a less then representative assessment of the value they have delivered to the herd. This is also the case with poorer bulls receiving higher praise then they deserve.