Angus beef takes on the world

September 28, 2016 12:01 pm

Angus beef has again asserted its dominance of the beef industry in the 2nd Annual World Steak Challenge, held in the United Kingdom, with Australian produced beef at the forefront.

The competition attracted 83 entries from 17 countries including the United States, Japan, England, Northern Ireland, Germany, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, Finland, Paraguay, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands, Uruguay and Australia.

Angus beef was prominent among the overall winners with 15 of the 33 entries that were awarded medals presented to beef identified as carrying Angus genetics.

JBS Australia’s Royal Brand was one such recipient, receiving a Gold Medal for their 120 day grainfed Angus cross product.

The Royal brand is fed at the JBS Beef City feedlot in Queensland and processed at the Dinmore plant near Ipswich. This brand has recently been launched in Europe to complement the existing Aberdeen Black program, produced out of the JBS Riverina Feedlot.

Teys Australia was awarded a Silver Medal for their Teys Certified Premium Black Angus Brand, grain fed for 24 months, supplied by the Princess Royal Station feedlot and processed at the Teys Naracoorte plant in South Australia.

Jack’s Creek Black Angus also received a Silver Medal. The brand sees black Angus cattle grain fed 150 to 170 days on a specifically formulated high energy grain diet on the Liverpool Plains, New South Wales.

Rounding out the Silver Medals for Australia was Blair and Josie Angus’s Signature Beef product, an Angus cross product, produced in Queensland. Cattle are pasture raised for 18-20 months, put on a lucerne progression for 3 months, followed by a high energy grain rotation for 4 months, before being processed at 26 months.

A Bronze Medal was awarded to NH Foods Australia, with an Angus product grain fed for 200 days and processed at 24 months.

The World Steak Challenge is based on sirloin entries, with the steaks taken through a two-stage judging process, raw and cooked form, which involved a panel of expert judges and a panel of consumer judges.

The challenge provides a platform for countries and steaks producers to benchmark their steak production against international competitors and use the publicity and recognition that it generates to promote their exports on the world stage, plus drive sales in home markets.

It will also provide an opportunity to engage with consumers to celebrate the joy and benefits of eating steak as part of a healthy balanced diet and highlight the quality and standards of steak production around the globe.

Rod Addy, editor of GlobalMeatNews, said: “The high quality of entries this year is a testament to the hard work put in by producers around the world. The fact we had so many more entries this year highlights the pride that they take in their product and the eagerness to win such an accolade”.


Angus and Angus Influenced results


Gold Medal Winners

Entrant Company Name Producer Company Name Country of Origin Breed                  Feed Regime              Age at Time of Slaughter
Hannan Meats Hannan Meats Northern Ireland Aberdeen Angus Grass Fed 24 Months
Scotbeef Scotbeef Ltd Scotland Aberdeen Angus Homegrown barley, carrots, turnips,
potatoes, wheat, grass silage
678 days
JBS Global JBS Global Australia Angus X (JBS Royal Brand) 120-day grain finished 27 months


Silver Medal Winners

Entrant Company Name Producer Company Name Country of Origin Breed                  Feed Regime              Age at Time of Slaughter
Teys Australia Pty Teys Australia Pty Ltd Australia Angus Grain fed 24 Months
JBS Global JBS Global Paraguay Angus Cross
(Quality Meat Brand)
Pasture fed 30 months
Zandbergen World’s Finest Meat Jack’s Creek Australia 100% Black Angus 150+ days grain fed 20 months
Zandbergen World’s Finest Meat Tyson International Inc
(European Office)
United States Black Angus Prime 120+ days grain fed < 24 months
ABP Food Group ABP Food Group Scotland Aberdeen Angus Cross Grass-based grazing in the Scottish summer,
with harvested fermented forage and cereal
ration in the winter months, when housed.
16 months, 14 days
Martin Jennings Wholesale Ltd Martin Kennedy Ireland Aberdeen Angus Cross Natural west of Ireland grass fed 27 months
Signature Beef – “Oino Gustus” Signature Beef Pty Ltd Australia Angus x Belmont Red Composite Pasture raised for 18-20 months, lucerne
progression for 3 months, followed by high
energy grain ration for 4 months
26 months


Bronze Medal Winners

Entrant Company Name Producer Company Name Country of Origin Breed                  Feed Regime              Age at Time of Slaughter
Jan Zandbergen b.v. NH FOODS Australia PTY LTd. Australia Angus 200 day Grainfed 24 months
Danish Crown UK Danish Crown UK Germany Angus Cross Grass and grain fed 28 months
Scotbeef Scotbeef Ltd Scotland Aberdeen Angus Homegrown silage (grass),
barley and straw
797 days
JBS Global JBS Global Argentina Angus Cross (Plate Brand) Pasture fed 26 months
Giraudi Meats Creekstone Farms United States American Black Angus Corn-fed for 140 days 18-20 months