Angus branded beef products clean up at the Australian Food Awards

July 21, 2016 2:13 pm

Angus branded beef products have dominated the field, taking out 4 Gold medals, 4 Silver medals and a Bronze at the Melbourne Show’s annual branded beef Australian Food Awards announced this week.

All brands from long-fed to conventional grain and grass fed yearlings and everything in between were judged side by side in the hotly contested competition.

Gold medal Angus brands include:

JBS Australia’s Beef City Black – Angus steers feed to a minimum of 100 days on a highly nutritious ration to consistently deliver a well-marbled product known for its tenderness, juiciness and flavour.

Stockyard Long Fed Angus Gold – Angus cattle fed on grain for a minimum of 200 days at the Kerwee Feedlot on a specially formulated high energy grain ration that guarantees taste, flavour.

Argyle Prestige Meats – Verified Angus grassfed beef raised on fertile South West Slopes of NSW, near Harden and is naturally-raised, hormone-free and sustainably farmed.

Cape Byron Angus Beef – Australian Angus MSA beef is sourced from top beef producers who are committed to excellence and quality:  flavour founded on tradition. Our Angus beef has medium to fine natural marbling producing exceptional taste that is always flavourful and juicy with a consistent quality of tenderness.

Silver medal Angus brands include:

Angus Pure – is free from growth hormones, antibiotics and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) and is a completely 100% pure and natural “as nature intended.” The secret to providing consistently beautiful tasting beef lies with our Australian Angus farmers and their families who take pride in natural, green pasture grazing, making a difference for a sustainable and healthy future for Australia.

Certified Australian Angus Beef ® (CAAB) – This program covers all aspects of the production of a superior, safe, disease free, marbled, beef meal from the producer through to consumer. The program assures that the consumer will consistently enjoy a safe, healthy, tasty, tender, juicy, and delicious beef meal EVERY TIME they order Certified Australian Angus Beef ®.

The Midfield Group Union Station Beef – The brands vision is to combine the property’s rich heritage and superior growing conditions to create a superior range of free-range, hormone and antibiotic free, quality Angus beef.

Mayfield Grassfed Beef – Angus beef that spend 90 to 110 days on free range pastures, grazing on pristine natural grasses with unfettered access to a nutritious barley based grain feed. All cattle are selected to comply with MSA grading.

Bronze medal Angus brands include:

Manildra Natural Grassfed Angus Beef – By sourcing premium Grass fed Angus beef for our brands we guarantee that the beef is well-marbled, tender and moist. Grass fed Angus beef are pasture fed and finished guaranteeing healthier, nutritional red meat, with less fat.

All RASV competition entries were judging by an independent panel, using MSA assessment criteria for tenderness, juiciness, flavour and overall eating quality, plus a raw visual component.


Pictured top: Gold medal winning Stockyard Long Fed Angus Gold. Image courtesy of Stockyard.