Angus breed dominates in the saleyards

January 18, 2017 12:20 pm

Demand for Angus cattle remains strong, with restockers and processors prepared to pay top dollar for good quality Angus cattle through the saleyards and over AuctionsPlus.

Angus Australia marketing manager Di Wood said 2016 was a great year for the breed, and 2017 was already off to a good start, with Angus steers at Wodonga’s January 5 sale topping at 530 cents a kilogram for 173 Angus steers, returning between $960 a head and $1255. On AuctionsPlus, 23 EU-accredited Angus cows made $2380 on January 6.

Among the Angus highlights for 2016 were 30 20- to 22-month-old pregnancy-tested-in-calf heifers that sold for $3060 at Wodonga on October 20.

On November 18, 403 cows with calves sold on AuctionsPlus for a top of $3200, and at Carcoar on August 12, 26 steers averaging 199kg sold for 512c/kg, returning $1020.

Forty-five steers weighing up to 277kg sold from $1150 to $1400, or 460c/kg to 505c/kg, at Leongatha, Victoria, on September 15.

“On the back of good rainfall, a favourable seasonal outlook and reinvigorated restocker demand, the commercial sector is certainly reflecting this positivity throughout the entire industry – 500c/kg has become the new 400c/kg for steers and heifers regularly hit 400c/kg,” Mrs Wood said.

“Prices were given a real kick at the end of 2015 as numbers started to dwindle and steers started to hit above 400c/kg, especially in the lighter categories and as the drought broke in many parts of the country, restockers hit the market with a vengeance and we saw the price of young heifers and breeding females in particular hit amazing highs.

“To buy well-bred Angus cows and calves in the current market you need to go to a sale expecting to pay from $2500 to $3000.”

Written by Ruth Caskey, The Land

Image: Restockers and processors prepared to pay top dollar for good quality Angus cattle through the saleyards.