Angus Education Centre is Open for Business

March 27, 2017 10:08 am

Angus Australia is committed to providing quality educational opportunities to Angus producers, and is pleased to announce the launch of the Angus Education Centre.



The new education centre provides users of Angus genetics with an exciting collection of modern digital educational resources and activities, appropriate for today’s individual learning processes.

Available from the Angus Australia website, or by typing  into a web browser, the Angus Education Centre contains a suite of resources designed to cover a range of subjects that are highly relevant to both seedstock and commercial beef cattle enterprises.

The first two modules to be made available are ‘Selecting Bulls’ and ‘Understanding EBVs and Selection Indexes’.

Designed to suit the way in which adults engage with online learning, each module contains a range of media, such as downloadable brochures, podcasts and animations. Topics can be easily navigated via the side menu or by clicking on the links at the bottom of each page. Some topics open out to interactive activities that users can explore to test their learning. Topics with activities are indicated by a folder icon in the navigation menu.

The manner in which people engage online is constantly changing as new applications and processes are being developed. Angus Australia has aimed to develop resources that are easily accessed at any time, from any place, and on a range of devices. They will facilitate learning that occurs in an asynchronous, self-paced, pressure-free environment, where users can follow their interests, moving from topic to topic in a technology-rich environment.

Importantly, each module in the Angus Education Centre will conclude with an opportunity for users to reflect on what they have learned, and to ask questions and provide feedback. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions will be developed for each module to facilitate knowledge sharing, providing a platform for producers to learn from one another.

The Angus Education Centre focuses on areas of significance to Angus Australia members, and will grow and evolve as users engage with it. Angus Australia encourages you to watch the welcome animation (see image above), and then ‘ENTER HERE’ to start your learning journey.