Angus EKKA carcase success

August 15, 2018 2:30 pm

Angus and Angus influenced cattle have tasted success across all facets of the steer and carcase competitions that were run as part of the 2018 EKKA competitions. 



Woolworths MSA Value Based Marketing Carcase Competition 

Class 35 – Pen of 3 Grain Fed Steers and/or heifers 

1st: Angus cross, Darr Creek Pastoral 

2nd: Angus cross, Rich Enterprises 

CHAMPION CARCASE: Angus cross, Darr Creek Pastoral 


100 day grain fed weight gain competition 

Class 37A – Best Weight Gain for pen of 6 grain fed steers 

2nd:  Angus, McIntyre Agriculture Pty Ltd 

Highest individual weight gain: Angus cross, Atkinson Pastoral Company 


MSA Eating quality competition 

Class 37C – MSA Eating Quality Competition 

3rd: Angus, McIntyre Agriculture Pty Ltd 

Highest individual Index Score: Angus influenced, Minnamurra Pastoral Company 

Trade class 70 day 

Class 38 – RNA & JBS Australia Paddock to Palate Overall winner 

1st: Angus cross, David Crombie 


70 Day grain fed weight competition 

Class 38A- Best weight gain for pen of 6 grain fed steers 

3rd: Angus, Dalara Pastoral Operations 


Carcase competitions 

Class 38B – Pen of 6 carcases 

2nd: Angus cross, David Crombie 


Champion Carcase: Angus cross, David Crombie 


MSA Eating quality Competition 

Class 38C 

1st: Angus Coffin Creek pastoral 

2nd: Angus, Minnamurra Pastoral Company 

3rd: Angus Minnamurra Pastoral Company 

Highest individual index score: Angus influenced, RB & KK Lamoureux 


In the led steer competition, a 538kg Angus influenced steer, exhibited by Shaun Daley and Julia Simmons was crowned Grand Champion steer. 

The steer was purchased by the Breakfast Creek Hotel for $52/kg dressed weight. 

Placing 3rd on the hook, the steer was named the overall steer jackpot winner across both hoof and hook. 


Top Image: Paddock to Palate EKKA – RNA president David Thomas, Steve Groom, JBS with David Crombie, Class 38 overall winner, Trade Class 70 day with Angus cross steers.

EKKA 2018 Grand Champion Led Steer