Angus Spring Bull Night Tonight

August 28, 2018 9:24 am

The inaugural Angus Australia Spring Bull Night will be livestreaming tonight from 7pm (the 28th of August 2018). The live, online event is not to be missed by anyone considering which bulls to use in their spring A.I. joining.

The event channels similar bull nights conducted in other livestock industries, with a key focus on the latest release A.I sires. During the night, each organisation will present on a selection of currently available Angus A.I bulls, highlighting their strengths, how they might be used in an A.I program and how their progeny are performing.

1900 Welcome to the Angus Australia Spring Bull 2018 Matt Reynolds
Company 1 – (ABS) Bill Cornell
Company 2 – (Semex Beef) Jim Conroy
Company 3 – (Rennylea Angus) Ruth & Lucinda Corrigan
Company 4 – (Genetics Australia) Nigel Semmens
Company 5 – (Agri-Gene) Chris Mclloy/Rob Onley
2100 Close

The event will be livestreamed from the Angus Australia YouTube channel ( with participants able to join in to the night at any time. The event is open to everyone however participants will require a phone, tablet or computer with internet access to view the event.



Further information please contact Matt Reynolds, Breed Development Officer, 02 6773 4626