Angus through the ages & beyond!

May 29, 2019 3:04 pm

Angus may be the most sought after cattle and beef around the world, but the message is clear, we cannot rest on our laurels! 

As a breed we need to drive change, continue to lead, work as a well rounded team, to tell our story with a well branded message, utilise the technologies that are available when making breeding decisions, protect the Angus ‘brand’ and most importantly listen to what the end user, the consumer wants. 

But with innovative and dedicated breeders that are willing to adapt and utilise the tools that are made available to them from genomics to marketing and branding, backed by the support Angus Australia provides, it would appear that the next 100 years of breeding Angus cattle in Australia and producing the worlds’ most well recognised beef, can continue to thrive. 

Almost 250 delegates made it to the border town of Albury in southern New South Wales to celebrate #Angusthroughtheages , a look at how far the Angus breed has come and what we can look to in the future, as Angus Australia celebrated 100 years since the formation of the Angus Society of Australia. 

Delegates were treated to a vertitible delight of activities and world class speakers presenting on topics designed to provoke thought and challenge the current ideals. 

Kicking off the celebrations was the inaugural Verified Black Angus Beef BBQ competition, which brought together some of the best pittmasters across Australia, cooking the best Verified Black Angus Beef from NH Foods, with their Angus Reserve brand, Jack’s Creek Black Angus, Three Creek Beef and Rangers Valley Black Onyx. 

Moving into the conference session topics covered, leaders in technology, how has Angus beef adapted to ‘meat’ consumer expectations, managing genetics and reproduction in a commercial herd, staying ahead of the game and the Angus breeds’ place in domestic and international markets.

The panel session, duly led by Jon Condon of Beef Central saw, Sam White from Bald Blair Angus, Guyra; Jason Strong, MLA CEO; Kent Anderson, director of animal genetic technology services with Zoetis in the United States; celebrity chef Adrian Richardson from La Luna Bistro, North Carlton, Melbourne and Anthony Puharich from Vic’s Premium Quality Meat & Victor Churchill Butchery, Sydney, take to the stage and challenge not only the audience, but each other as to what it is Angus breeders should be doing to continue to make their mark on the marketplace. 

The panel highlighted the need to be focused on looking to the future and the strong take home message that we need to remain at the forefront of adoption of technology to maintain the leading position of Angus in the supply chain, with the words quality, consistency, marbling and value based marketing coming to the forefront.

In amongst the technical sessions, a gala dinner was held with Adrian Richardson delighting the crowd with the ‘Art of sausage making’ and almost $13,000 was raised for the Angus Foundation. 

In closing the conference, Angus Australia’s CEO Dr Peter Parnell, described the event as a, ‘Very appropriate celebration of 100 years of Angus.  It is certainly worth celebrating the success of the Angus breed and the contribution of your breed association Angus Australia to this success’.

‘The very clear focus of Angus Australia over the past decade has been to provide industry leading services to our members and the industry to enhance and promote the value of the Angus’.

Dr Parnell highlighted that consistent with this focus, the theme of this conference has been on the looking at what Angus Australia and its members need to do to continue the success of Angus into the next century.  

He challenged breeders  to think about the changes they might consider making to future breeding decisions, marketing and promotional strategies, and how they are going to maintain knowledge to keep at the top in this increasing complex business of breeding great cattle commanding premiums in the market. 
A full report will be included in the upcoming Angus Winter Bulletin.

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