Angus through the ages speaker spotlights

May 8, 2019 12:16 pm

Brad Hine from CSIRO and Natalie Isaac from Meat & Livestock Australia will be speaking during the Angus through the ages National Conference on May 23rd and 24th in Albury NSW.

Brad Hine, CSIRO, ” Breeding Angus for Improved Health”

Brad completed a PhD in Chemistry at the University of New England in 2008. Following his PhD, Brad completed two Postdoctoral appointments, the first at the University of Guelph, Veterinary College, Canada and the second at AgResearch, New Zealand, before returning to a Postdoctoral position at CSIRO in 2012. Brad now works as a Research Scientist with CSIRO based in Armidale, NSW and specialising in ruminant immunology.

Brad’s current research is focussed on developing methods to assess the immune competence of livestock and investigating how immune competence and other resilience traits, such as stress-coping ability and temperament, are linked and how together these traits influence an animal’s ability to cope with challenges posed by their production environment. Brad is currently part of the Phenomics team at CSIRO which specialise in developing methodologies to assess difficult to measure traits of significant economic importance to the livestock industries. Working under the guidance of Dr Ian Colditz, Brad recently completed a large MLA/CSIRO co-funded project aimed at developing methods to assess immune competence in beef cattle (B.STU.0244). As part of the project, Brad was fortunate to work with Angus Australia to immune competence test calves from the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program on co-operator herd farms. By working with Angus Australia, Brad was able to ensure that his research was industry relevant and that animals used in the study were representative of those currently in industry. Since completion of this initial trial, Brad has continued to work with Angus Australia to immune competence test cohort 6, 7 and 8 benchmarking calves and this data is currently being used to generate a research EBV for immune competence in Australian Angus cattle and to explore genetic markers for immune competence. Since completion of this initial trial, Brad has continued to work with Angus Australia to immune competence test cohort 6, 7 and 8 calves of the ASBP and this data, along with pedigree and genotypes, is currently being used to generate genetic parameters and research breeding values for immune competence in Australian Angus cattle.


Natalie Isaac, Meat & Livestock Australia  – ‘International Markets: understanding our consumer and delivering to their needs’

Natalie Isaac is MLA’s Global Manager- Industry Insights and Strategy. Natalie leads the team responsible for collecting and reporting data and insights along the supply chain, from slaughter and sale data through to consumer market research; and developing Global Market Strategy. The supply or production data is well known as MLAs Market Information or National Livestock Reporting service (or NLRS). The combination of production and demand insights are used to develop MLAs global market strategy in consultation with industry. The consumer research is used widely by industry to target the most attractive opportunities for the Red Meat industry and informs MLAs in-market activity.

Natalie has a Master of Applied Science (Food Science and Nutrition) and Master of Management.  She has a real passion for using data and insights to help with business decisions and informing strategy. She has extensive experience in commercial organisations across strategy, sales, marketing and research and development.