Angus through the ages speaker spotlights

April 18, 2019 3:03 pm

Sue Cannon from The Land and Shane Thomson from Holbrook Vet Centre will be speaking during the Angus through the ages National Conference on May 23rd and 24th in Albury NSW.


Sue Cannon, The Land – ‘Balancing your marketing in the digital age’

Sue Cannon is a Digital Marketing Specialist with ACM Agricultural Media, with 20 plus years in sales. Sue works with small to medium enterprise by guiding them through the, what can often be tumultuous, ever changing digital landscape.  Sue has helped many businesses including commercial and agricultural to enhance and grow their online presence and drive strong return on investment. Developing strategic, holistic marketing plans to target today’s consumer is a specialty.  As a Digital Marketing Specialist Sue works to initiate effective marketing campaigns online, and to translate business goals into successful marketing campaigns. She is adept at evaluating the needs of the consumer market, using about consumer trends and demands. Sue’s field of concentration include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), paid Search (PPC) (SEM), display media, site re-targeting and social media in addition to general digital marketing expertise.


Shane Thomson, Holbrook Vet Centre – ‘Managing the high fertility beef herd’

Shane is a veterinarian and partner at the Holbrook veterinary centre (HVC). HVC has a strong focus on production and breeding services to the beef industry. We service the artificial breeding requirements of both seedstock and commercial producers Australia-wide; including artificial insemination (AI), embryo transfer (ET), bull fertility examinations and ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis. In addition to HVC’s on-farm reproduction services, we also run a specialised artificial breeding centre (managing donors for embryo production) and large-scale recipient herd. HVC also provides production-based advice involving animal health programs and on-farm consultancy services.

Shane completed his veterinary training at Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Wagga Wagga, NSW and is currently undertaking a Masters in whole farm veterinary consultancy through the Fred Morley Centre at CSU. This degree focuses on the analysis of the farm system as a whole and the provision of sustainable, economically viable production advice. In addition to Shane’s role at HVC he also maintains a strong connection with the realities of beef cattle production through his commercial cattle enterprise that he manages with his wife Caity and two sons.

Presentation synopsis:

Fertility is a significant driver of profitability in extensive beef breeding enterprises – but how do we define fertility, what are the benefits of fertility, and are there any associated risks? This presentation will look to define fertility by demonstrating how to understand and assess average calving dates (ACD) and how this index can be used to analyse and benchmark performance. As managers of beef enterprises have become more educated and experienced with time, many have increased their profitability by pursuing high fertility, and the benefits have come in spades. We will discuss how this high performance is associated with the potential for higher risk, and what MANAGEMENT options are available to mitigate this risk, to ensure long term profitability.