Angus through the ages speaker spotlights

May 8, 2019 10:07 am

Sophia Edwards from Vetoquinol and Adrian Richardson from La Luna Bistro will be speaking during the Angus through the ages National Conference on May 23rd and 24th in Albury NSW.

Sophia Edwards, Vetoquinol – ‘Advancements in reproductive management for commercial producers’

Sophia joined Vetoquinol Australia in November 2014, after completing her PhD and postdoctoral fellowship at The University of Queensland. Her research, funded by MLA and supported by Vetoquinol was focused on improving the management and understanding of FTAI in northern beef production herds.

During this time Sophia consulted to various Dairy and Beef herds to assist in improving their reproductive management. Recently, Sophia completed a Masters of Business Administration to enhance her skills in this field. Having grown up on a commercial and seed stock beef operation she has an in depth understanding of the daily activities involved in livestock enterprises. With her background her aim is to build the bridge between the deep scientific understanding of reproduction in livestock, and the business aspects of livestock enterprises acknowledging that all activities are aimed at turning a profit.

Sophia has a track record of improving and solving reproductive issues within livestock herds. Sophia provides Angus Australia and its members with reproduction advice and helps guide the FTAI activities for the ASBP on a yearly basis.

Presentation synopsis:

Genetics improvement is a key driver for profitability in any beef commercial operation. Assisted reproduction is the most effective way to disseminate new genetics into beef cattle herds. Sophia’s presentation will enlighten producers on new developments and options for implementing assisted reproduction into commercial beef operations.

Adrian Richardson, La Luna Bistro  – ‘Changes over time of Angus beef prep/serve & what it might look like for the consumer in the future’

For many people air travel and good food are two mutually exclusive experiences. But for Richardson it was one that led him to the other. Thankfully for Melbourne gastronomes his dreams of becoming a pilot were trumped by the captivating chaos of the kitchen. “I started working in kitchens part time to pay for my lessons and that’s where it sort of kicked off, I gave up the flying lessons and went back to school.” Since then he has worked in some of the most prestigious kitchens around the world.

Despite his early stint in aviation Richardson had “always been around good food, from day one” admitting “I didn’t know what “bad” food was”. Growing up in a household with “a mélange of North African, Middle Eastern and Italian cuisine” Richardson’s heritage definitely helps explain his enthusiasm for quality food that’s packed with flavour. What his heritage doesn’t help explain is his interest in all things blood and guts, given one side of his family are strict vegetarians.

Nevertheless when it comes to meat Richardson wrote the book on it, literally, MEAT was released in 2008 and provided readers with a simplistic guide on how to buy, cook and enjoy meat.  At his restaurant every cut has been dry aged, on the bone for 7 to 8 weeks and is butchered on the premises, “we actually use a lot of cuts that aren’t mainstream, so we’re using the whole animal in our own particular, strange sort of way.” He encourages people to “eat good meat, sustainable produced if you can, grass fed, animals that live a healthy life”.

His second book, The Good Life, is a throwback to his younger years. Influenced by memories of times spent cooking at home “the book is about, just enjoying food with your family and friends and taking it easy and making some things at home. It’s a simple pleasure, it’s not rocket surgery”. Richardson’s philosophy on food has always involved unabashed enjoyment.

Adrian has hosted and appeared on many television shows in Australia and around the world, he can be seen daily on ‘Good Chef Bad Chef’ on channel 10. His other shows ‘Secret Meat Business’, ‘Richo’s Bar Snacks’ and ‘Boys Weekend’ are favourites on many food networks around the world. One of his highlights is competing in Iron Chef USA.

When not cooking Adrian is at home trying to raise three teenage sons with his partner in Melbourne.