Angus through the ages speaker spotlights

May 8, 2019 10:38 am

Dorian Garrick from Massey University and Anthony Puharich from Vic’s Premium Quality Meat & Victor Churchill Butchery will be speaking during the Angus through the ages National Conference on May 23rd and 24th in Albury NSW.

Dorian Garrick, Massey University – ‘Next generation selection – Focus on Traits Not Considered’

Dorian began his research career at Massey University after graduating from a B.Agr.Sc degree with First Class Honours.  His predoctoral research investigated some of the first applications of animal model prediction methodologies developed at Iowa State and Cornell Universities to sheep and swine improvement.  He did a PhD at Cornell University where he worked on the theory of pedigree prediction of genetic merit and estimation of variance components, and on their application in the US national population of admixed Simmental cattle.  He returned to Massey University where his work led to the development of new approaches to national evaluation in dairy cattle and sheep including across-breed animal model prediction. He was appointed as a Full Professor at Massey University at age 34, to a position named after Massey University’s A.L. Rae who pioneered scientific approaches to sheep improvement.  In 2002 Dorian took up a professorial position at Colorado State University and in 2007 he took up the inaugural appointment to the Lush Endowed Chair at Iowa State University.  Dr. J.L. Lush wrote the first text book on Animal Breeding in 1937 and is world-recognized as the father of animal breeding. Dorian returned to Massey University in 2016 and is the Chief Scientist of the AL Rae Centre of Genetics and Breeding, as well as a partner in ThetaSolutions LLC, a company he co-founded to license systems for genetic and single-step genomic evaluations that are widely used internationally in livestock improvement.

Presentation synopsis:

Genetic improvement of most species have focused on easy-to-measure traits that reflect income – such as growth traits and some carcass attributes.  Considerable change in average performance has been achieved by such selection activities.  However, for a profit-based goal, all traits that influence income and/or costs should be considered, and such an approach will much more effectively improve the efficiency of beef production.  Reproductive traits, disease traits, and traits that influence environmental hoof print will need more consideration in the future than has been the case in recent times.

Anthony Puharich, Owner & Butcher-in-chief at Vic’s Premium Quality Meat & Victor Churchill Butchery – ‘How Beef (particularly Angus) preparation and selling in a wholesale and retail space has changed and what the risks and opportunities are facing the Angus brand

Anthony Puharich knows meat. He has an established reputation as one of Australia’s leading butchers and entrepreneurs. Few people share his depth of knowledge and passion for all things meat. Anthony’s expertise and enthusiasm has seen him regularly appear in Australian media – culminating in his own Lifestyle FOOD program – Ask the Butcher.

Anthony has an unmatched understanding of the people and produce that are the backbone of Australia’s meat industry. He holds a unique position in the Australian food chain, connecting the best meat producers in the country with the best chefs.

Anthony and his family have created one of the most successful wholesaling businesses in Australia, Vic’s Premium Quality Meat, which he established with his father Victor Puharich in 1996. It has since grown to become the country’s leading distributor of quality meat, servicing many of Australia’s finest restaurants from Vic’s Meat businesses in Sydney (est.1996), Melbourne (est.2013) and Brisbane (est.2017). The success of the business was driven by combining his father’s artisanal butcher skills (Victor is a fourth generation butcher and has worked in the industry for over 40 years) with Anthony’s passion for produce and keen business acumen.

In August 2009, Anthony opened one of the world’s finest boutique butcheries, Victor Churchill in Woollahra. Designed by Anthony and Dreamtime Australia, the store set a new benchmark around the world for meat retailing – attracting a number of accolades including the 2010 International Interior Design Award for retail stores, held in New York. Victor Churchill was competing against international retail behemoths like Hermes and Louis Vuitton, yet walked away with the top gong. It has also become a destination for international food royalty and celebrities, receiving praise from the likes of Anthony Bourdain, Fergus Henderson, AA Gill, Hugh Jackman and Oprah Winfrey. Victor Churchill will open its doors to discerning New Yorkers in November 2019.

Anthony opened his second retail outlet, Vic’s Meat Market in October 2014, the first and only butcher located at the famous Sydney Fish Market in Pyrmont. The Butcher, Smokehouse & Grill offers premium quality meat to a wider demographic, complemented with honest, friendly customer service from knowledgeable staff who share a passion for meat. Bringing fresh quality meat from the Butcher straight to the Smokehouse & Grill, the menu showcases both smoked meat and perfectly grilled steaks.


Anthony has appeared on a number of popular Australian television programs including Masterchef and the Today show. He also hosted Anthony Bourdain on a tour of Victor Churchill, which appeared on Bourdain’s internationally syndicated program No Reservations.

He has contributed to in-magazine and digital content for some of Australia’s leading food publications including Gourmet Traveller, Good Food, The Sydney Magazine, The Australian and is currently co-writing a monthly column in Delicious Magazine, The Chef and The Butcher, with Colin Fassnidge.

In March and April of 2013, Anthony hosted the Ask the Butcher TV series which first aired on Foxtel’s Lifestyle Food channel. The six-part series featured a large contingent of the country’s most talented and renowned chefs including Matt Moran, Peter Gilmore, Kylie Kwong and Neil Perry, along with leading Australian meat producers.

Most recently Anthony published the highly anticipated book MEAT: The Ultimate Companion with co-author Libby Travers. The book is designed to walk you through the topic from the eyes of the farmer, the butcher and the best cooks to help you with the questions you might ask before you buy your meat.