Roundup 2022- Cattle regulations

Don’t forget to complete your National Vendor Declaration, Animal Health Statement and Pestivirus paperwork prior to Roundup.  All paperwork for cattle entries must be submitted to Toni Nugent, Roundup Event Manager, E:  by 6 January 2022.

Cattle Regulations:

  • All bulls and heifers must be black or red Angus HBR registered with either Angus Australia or the Red Angus Society of Australia and must comply with respective rules and regulations of these associations.
  • Steers must be at least 50% black or red Angus & have no more than two permanent teeth.
  • Age of cattle will be taken from the 1 January 2022.
  • Heifers must be under 24 months of age.  Animals with calves at foot are eligible for heifer or cow classes. The maximum age for the calf at foot is 9 months.
  • Bulls must be under 16 months of age. Handlers of bulls over 12 months of age must be 16 years or older.
  • Cattle will be divided into classes according to age, sex & the number of entries received.
  • All cattle must be led with a nose clip/ring & must be tied with a neck strap & secure halter at all times. Bulls over 12 months must have a nose ring.
  • Cattle must have correct and legible tattoos (or other approved identification) to be eligible for judging.
  • You must supply your Property Identification Code (PIC). Animals will be recorded on the NLIS database as ‘sighted’ at the Wodonga Showgrounds, after the event the cattle will automatically go back to being registered on their pre-Roundup PIC.
  • A Herd Health Declaration must be submitted for all animals.
  • Pestivirus testing is mandatory for all cattle, and a Pestivirus certificate showing a negative result must be submitted for individual animals.
  • All paperwork for cattle entries including NVDs, Animal Health Statements, and Pestivirus certificates must be submitted to the Roundup Event Manager Toni Nugent, E: by 6 January 2022. Failure to submit may mean cattle cannot be received into the competition.
  • Any animal infected with ringworm must have a vet certificate stating that the animal has been treated or washed in the previous 4 days with appropriate fungicide. Further washings are to be carried out on the showground under supervision of a committee member.
  • Cattle will be stalled inside on sawdust. No outside pens will be available.
  • Cattle from the same stud will be stalled together.
  • The Roundup Committee cannot guarantee that certain studs will be stalled together but we will try to accommodate requests.
  • Animals will be stalled according to their BJD status. Please ensure this is included on your Herd Health Declaration.
  • Advertisements of any form are not permitted to be shown unless the advertiser is an official sponsor of the 2022 NH Foods Angus Youth National Roundup. Angus Youth curtains will be hung above the cattle during the Roundup.
  • All electrical equipment must have an in-line circuit breaker and all power leads must have a current certificate from a registered electrician as required by law. Please note, Daryl Holder, The Cattle Shop will also be on-site and happy to test and tag equipment if required.
  • Liability in relation to any cattle remains with the owner. It is strongly recommended that livestock owners are covered by a current insurance that extends to shows.