ASBP Cohort 7 Sires finalised

October 19, 2016 10:19 am

Sire Cohort

The Angus Sire Benchmarking Program (ASBP) has received outstanding support from Angus Australia members through the nomination of 73 sires and entry of 31 new sires to produce the Cohort 7 calves.

Additionally, to provide genetic linkages, the list also includes:

  • One sire from New Zealand (Storth Oaks Jack J7) which is included in progeny test programs undertaken by Beef and Lamb New Zealand Genetics, and
  • Two sires from Cohort 6 of the ASBP (Rennylea K178 And DENHOLM GLEN G10 BARTEL J41)
  • Two influential sires from the United States (G A R Prophet and A A R TEN X 7008 S A) which are included in a progeny test program undertaken by the American Angus Association.

The full Cohort 7 sire list is tabled on the following page. It is also available on the Angus Australia website in the catalogues section and also

Overall, the 36 bulls entering Cohort 7 of the ASBP are a high performance group averaging in the top 5% for the all Indexes. Importantly this high performance is also coupled with genetic diversity and representative of the modern Australian Angus population.

Across the 7 Cohorts of the ASBP, there have now been 264 modern Angus bulls enter this industry leading program.

The 2016 joining program to produce the Cohort 7 calves is currently underway with approximately 2000 cows across 6 co-operator herds being inseminated for the year.  Each sire will be joined to approximately 55 cows to produce 30 to 35 calves. This is from a fixed time AI program utilising Vetoquinol advice and products such as the Cue-Mate devices.