Be there, be useful, be quick

July 31, 2019 9:25 am

Australians love the internet, from a population of 24 million, 20 million people are online and 18 million people are on social media and when it comes to livestock producers almost 100% of people are online. 

On average beef a producers spend 2.2 hours per day online and 76% of searches happen on a mobile. 

Sue Cannon, Digital Solutions Specialist with Australian Community Media highlighted that having your business online means being mobile optimised. 

‘Mobile has changed the way we act and react to life, they want immediacy of action, have high expectations for an easy experience and are more loyal to their needs than a particular brand.’ 

‘At the end of the day, the only place on the internet where you can control what is being said about you is on your website.’ 

In highlighting how beef producers can ensure they remain relevant in the digital age, Sue noted that it’s important to: 

  • Build brand awareness – using traditional forms of advertising, magazine, newspaper, internet, brochures etc, but be consistent and make sure your brand is there when people are looking for it 
  • Be there for research and comparison – it is important that people can find you in those moments that matter to them when they go online 
  • Purchase – ensure you are still in front when people are ready to purchase 
  • Retention – ensure you can keep those purchasers 

Therefore Sue noted that it’s important to remember that we live online, consumer behaviour has changed and so must our marketing strategies, be there, be useful be quick, connect with your customers in the moments that matter and finally have a solid foundation for digital marketing strategy, what does your online presence look like? 

And at the end of the day, life is all about balance and so is your marketing!