Building blocks to increase your bottom line

June 13, 2017 10:22 am

The number of EBVs and selection indexes calculated within the Angus TACE analysis has increased considerably in recent years. With up to 25 different EBVs, and 4 selection indexes published on each animal, the amount of information can be quite overwhelming.

A second module within the Angus Education Centre covers the vital area of Understanding EBVs and Selection Indexes.

This module serves as a useful reference guide, giving producers clear, illustrated definitions for each of the Angus TACE EBVs and selection indexes.

Members can work through the topics at their own pace, investigating the EBVs of most relevance to their breeding program. Interactive activities attached to some topics allow for immediate feedback on a user’s understanding.

Basic skills exist in every business and mastery of those basics is essential to success within that field.  In the cattle breeding business, having a good understanding of EBVs and selection indexes are essential skills that form one building block of a strong foundation to a successful beef breeding program.