Changes to Membership Invoicing

February 26, 2020 3:52 pm

While the registration of seedstock animals remains a core activity, recent years has seen a considerable increase in the range of member services being provided by Angus Australia to commercial Angus breed producers. For example, pedigree certification for export animals, and genetic evaluation for straight-bred Angus commercial heifers.

Reflecting the changing nature of services being offered by Angus Australia, there will be a change to the manner in which annual memberships are invoiced for the 2020 calendar year.

  1. The annual membership fee invoiced to Full and Commercial members has been aligned to a single membership fee of $110 (inc GST).
  1. A series of service fees have been introduced and will be invoiced based on the Angus Australia services utilised by each respective member. The service fees include:
    • Animal Registration Service Fee – $110 (inc GST)
    • Genetic Evaluation Service Fee – $165 (inc GST)
  1. The annual membership fee invoiced for Junior members has been aligned to a single membership fee of $27.50 (inc GST)

Members will now be required to be Full or Junior members of Angus Australia before being eligible to receive any services from Angus Australia. In light of this, and the associated alignment of fees for Full and Commercial membership, all existing Commercial members will be invoiced for Full Membership in 2020.

What does this mean for Full members?

The main impact of the changes for Full members will be to the items that are listed on their membership.

For example, full members who register animals and participate in the TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation were invoiced a fee in 2019 of $220 for annual membership, and a fee of $195 for participation in Angus BREEDPLAN. Total fee = $415

These members will be invoiced in 2020 a fee of $110 for annual membership, a service fee of $110 for animal registration and a service fee of $165 for genetic evaluation. Total fee = $385

What does this mean for Commercial members?

Commercial members who were invoiced an annual membership fee of $88 in 2019, will be invoiced an annual membership fee of $110 in 2020 for full membership. Any members who wish to utilise Angus HeiferSELECT will then be required to pay the genetic evaluation service fee of $165.

Voluntary Angus Foundation Levy

As in previous years, a voluntary levy of $33 (inc GST) will be invoiced in association with annual membership fees as a voluntary contribution to the Angus Foundation. The Angus Foundation supports many of the youth development, education and research programs conducted by Angus Australia.

The Angus Foundation levy is voluntary. Members not wishing to pay the levy should contact staff at Angus Australia so that this fee can be credited to their account, or subtract this fee when paying their annual membership invoice.