Changes to Pricing for DNA Services

April 24, 2018 10:06 am

Angus Australia is pleased to notify members of some reductions to the pricing for DNA services provided by Zoetis.

Most notably:

  • the option is now available to add a core genetic test panel (AM, CA, DD & NH) when testing animals with the Zoetis i50K product for a combined price of $34.00 (inc GST).
  • the price for all stand-alone genetic condition and genetic trait testing (i.e. testing not conducted in association with Zoetis i50K), is now $22.55 (inc GST).

The revised prices will be applied to all tests requested from April 1st, onwards.

An updated list of the DNA services provided by Zoetis, and their associated pricing, is provided below. For further information, please contact staff at Angus Australia. Information is also available by contacting staff at Zoetis on 1300 768 400.