Changes to sale catalogue services

June 5, 2019 3:16 pm

Angus Australia wishes to advise members that changes have been made to the delivery of sale catalogue services.

The “Angus Assured” sale catalogue and logo service will be discontinued and replaced with an Angus Australia Catalogue Member Agreement.

CLICK HERE to download the Angus Australia Catalogue Agreement.

There have also been changes to the options that members have when selecting the sale catalogue service they request.

CLICK HERE to download the Angus Australia Catalogue Request Form and view the options available.

It is encouraged that members carefully read the new Angus Australia Sale Catalogue Agreement and contact Angus Australia if you have any questions or queries regarding this new change.

Members are also reminded about the Angus Parentage Assurance Program highlights sale or semen catalogues listed on the Angus Australia website by vendors who have invested in DNA testing for parentage verification, and who in turn, have improved the integrity of the pedigree, genetic condition and Angus TACE EBV information that is displayed for any Angus animals or semen that they are offering for sale.

The parentage assurance program has two different categories, Angus Sire Assured and Angus Parentage Assured.

For more information on the Angus Parentage Assurance Program CLICK HERE

For more information on Angus Australia Sale Catalogue Services CLICK HERE