Changes to Zoetis i50K Pricing

September 5, 2017 1:20 pm

Angus Australia is pleased to notify members of some changes to the pricing for the Zoetis i50K genomic product.

The price to conduct Zoetis i50K tests will now be $57.00 (incl. GST), compared to the previous price of $69.00 (incl. GST).

In addition, the ability to conduct genetic condition testing as an add-on to the Zoetis i50K test is now available irrespective of the number of i50K tests requested, at a price of $14.85 (incl. GST) per genetic condition. Previously, genetic condition testing was only available as an add-on if 50 or more i50K tests were requested.

The revised prices will be applied to all Zoetis i50K tests requested from September 1st onwards.

For further information, please contact staff at Angus Australia. Information is also available by contacting staff at Zoetis on 1300 768 400, or from the Zoetis i50K fact sheet on the Angus Australia website CLICK HERE.