Confidence in Angus cattle persists

December 10, 2015 4:32 pm

Angus cattle topped six categories in Friday’s Eastern States AuctionsPlus Sale (23/10/15).

Light steers under 250kg reached a top of 362c/kg or $820 for 41 weaned Angus steers. The 238kg steers were offered on account of Kenda Park, Bathurst NSW and were 5-7 months old.

10 weaned Angus steers topped the 300-350kg range with 302kg steers on account of CPC Group Pty Ltd, Wallarobba NSW reaching 308c/kg or $930.

Steers over 350kg made up to 320c/kg for 57 Angus feeder steers. Offered on account of Winterthur Pty Ltd, Quirindi NSW, the 380kg steers made $1,215 per head and were described by Elders assessor Nathan Mcconnell, as a ‘Good line of vendor bred Angus steers that have the potential to grow out to heavier weights or to fatten and meet most HQ MSW markets weight’.

Kenda Park made a clean sweep of the light weight categories when their 228kg Angus heifers topped the overall heifer market and the category for heifers under 250kg. Their 51 weaned Angus heifers, 5-7 months made 330c/kg or $755 per head.

Heifers in the 250-300kg range reached a top of 280c/kg for 45 Angus heifers offered by Landgrove Pastoral, Cootamundra NSW. The 271kg heifers, 12-15 months made $760.

Landgrove Pastoral also topped the 300-350kg range, with 88 Angus heifers. The 308kg, 12-15 months made the top price of 298c/kg or $920 and were described by Delta Ag assessor Andrew Adams as ‘young females that are ready to perform’.

32 PTIC Angus heifers topped the PTIC market to make $1,550. The 28-31 month old heifers were offered by EA Blake & Sons Pty Ltd, Walcha NSW.

Other AuctionsPlus Results:
– 44 Angus (29) & Angus cross (15) steers, 350kg, 12-16 months, on account of JW & CM Gunther, Delungra NSW, made 319c/kg or $1,115.
– 90 backgrounder Angus steers, 360kg, 6-14 months, on account of Branglebar Pty Ltd, Goodooga NSW, made 338c/kg or $882
–  17 first calf Angus heifers with Angus calves at foot, 25-26 months, on account of Merindoc Pastoral Co, Tooborac VIC, made $1,600.

The weekly Roma store cattle sale (QLD 20/10/15), continues to provide a great market for Angus and Angus cross cattle.

324kg Angus steers, on account of Guthrie Pastoral Group, Injune QLD made 302c to return $979.

While, N & S Courtice, Glenmorgan QLD, sold Angus cross heifers at 280kg for 301c or $844.

At the Ballarat store cattle sale (VIC 16/10/15), a pen of 13 Angus heifers topped the heifer market. The 443kg heifers made $1,100 or $2.48/kg and were offered on account of William Bros.

William Bros. also offered 11 Angus steers, 481kg, which made $1,320 or 274c/kg.

Other Ballarat results:
– 20 Angus steers, 551kg, on account of Leigh Estate made $1,470 or 266c/kg
– 22 Angus steers, 532kg, on account of Paul Morgan made $1,350 or 269c/kg
– 9 Angus heifers, 141kg, on account of Trotter Farming made $1,080 or 260c/kg
– 13 Angus cows and calves, on account of NJR Associates made $1,520

Leongatha (VIC 15/10/15) saw cows and calves reach a market top of $1,470. The top price was paid for 8 Angus cows with calves at foot, on account of D Jeffries, Kongwak VIC.

Tony and Elizabeth Landy, Walkerville VIC sold their annual draft of 12 month old Angus calves.

Their top pen of 10 Angus steers, 503kg sold to a top of $1,235, and overall the 218 steers offered averaged $867.

While their 68 heifers sold to $775 to average $610.

The Boyanup cattle sale (WA 13/10/15) saw SH Fry and Sons offer 11 Angus steers 250kg, that made 348c/kg or $872.

Other results around Australia:

Moreton Weekly Prime Beef Sale (QLD 20/10/15):
– Angus steers, 462kg, on account of H Krahling, West Haldon QLD, made 294c/kg or $1,360
– Angus steers, 384kg, on account of J Smith, Toowoomba QLD, made 281c/kg or $1,081

O’Sullivan Auction Toowoomba (QLD 19/10/15):
– Angus heifers, 448kg, made 278c/kg
– Angus butcher heifers, 374kg, made 293c/kg or $1,097
– Angus steers, 555kg, made 279c/kg or $1,549
– Angus feeder steers, from Linthorpe QLD, made 290c/kg or $944

Sale store cattle sale (VIC 16/10/15):
– 2.5 year old Angus bullocks, on account of RL & FE Jondahl, Heyfiled VIC, made $1,400
– 9 Angus steers, 15-16 months, on account of KJ & HL Irving, Longford VIC, made $1,230
– 17 Angus cows and calves, on accoiunt of Heather Nettlebeck, Maffra VIC, made $1,300

Mt Gambier October store cattle sale (SA):
– 15 Angus steers, 400kg on account of K & K Lock made $3.10/kg or $1,240

Mt Pleasant (SA  08/10/15):
– 3 Angus trade steers on account of MPC & SJ Brown, Keyneton SA made $1,400

Image above: Steers over 350kg made up to 320c/kg for 57 Angus feeder steers in Friday’s Eastern States AuctionsPlus Sale (23/10/15). Image courtesy of AuctionsPlus