Examine the potential impact of breeding decisions

October 30, 2018 9:34 am

As Spring continues to roll through until the end of November, so do Spring Joinings!  If you are looking to make more informed and impactive breeding decisions this joining period, look no further than the recently introduced Angus Mating Predictor.  The Angus Mating Predictor is a tool developed by Angus Australia to enable Angus breeders to evaluate the merits of a potential mating by nominating a bull/possible bulls and a female/possible females.

Angus breeders now have greater ability to examine the potential impact of breeding decisions on their herd with the launch of the new Angus Mating Predictor during August 2018. 

The new tool has been developed by Angus Australia’s software development team and enables Angus breeders to evaluate the merits of potential matings by nominating a bull, or group of possible bulls, and a female, or group of possible females, with the mating predictor then displaying a range of information regarding the outcome of each bull-female joining combination.

Information displayed includes the pedigree, indicative EBVs, inbreeding coefficient and likely genetic condition status for the progeny of each potential mating.  

The ability to draw on the huge amount of data available in the Angus Australia database presents breeders with a powerful tool to assist in breeding decisions and making the most genetic improvement in their herd.

A new addition to the predictor is the ability for Angus breeders to upload bull or females lists, which can save time when using the predictor and if combined with the new reporting tool providers an overall picture of the impact a bull could have within a herd.  

The new Angus Mating Predictor can be access by selecting the “Mating Predictor” option from the menu at the top of the Angus Australia website.