How to Export

Advice on Enquires for Angus Cattle for Live Export

Angus Australia obtains frequent enquiries from overseas bodies interested in importing Australian Angus cattle. These requests are promptly referred to LiveCorp via a Trade Enquiry section on their website CLICK HERE

The information provided on this online form will be sent to LiveCorp and distributed to all licensed exporters. If an exporter is interested in the enquiry they will contact the enquirer directly.

For further information on LiveCorp CLICK HERE

If you, as an Angus breeder, is approached by an overseas representative interested in importing cattle from Australia it is also good policy to submit the enquiry through the Trade Enquiry section on the LiveCorp website.

You can also contact representatives at Angus Australia for further advice CLICK HERE


Advice on Supplying the Live Export Market

If you are interested in supplying the live export Angus market you should first of all understand the requirements for pedigree certification. To access the “Export Certification” check list CLICK HERE

If you have cattle that meet the export certification criteria, the next step is to contact your local stock agent and ask if there are any current export orders for Angus cattle. All astute stock agents should be aware of export orders including the specific criteria for the order (e.g. sex, age, weight, pedigree, certification, health).

Note: There will be a range of requirements, including the Export Certification criteria, for your animals to be eligible for export. These will be known by your stock agent or exporter contact.

You can also contact representatives at Angus Australia for further advice CLICK HERE


Angus Australia Export Brochures

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