Fortnightly Angus TACE analyses

August 30, 2016 11:00 am

Angus TACE analyses will be conducted on a fortnightly basis during September, October, November and December 2016.

The additional analyses aim to provide members with increased flexibility and improve the ability to access updated EBVs on animals during this peak period of performance data collection.

The submission deadlines for performance information are as follows:

Analysis                                Submission Deadline Results Available (Indicative)
September August 13 September 1
Mid-September August 30 September 16
October September 13 October 1
Mid October September 30 October 17
November October 13 November 1
Mid November October 30 November 14
December November 13 December 1
Mid December November 25 December 12
January December 8 December 23

Angus TACE analyses will return to the usual monthly schedule in January with a performance submission date of the 13th of each month.

Please contact Ashleigh Horne, Project Officer – Angus TACE on (02) 6773 4603 or should you have any queries.