GeneSeek AustralAsia Now Offering New DNA Services to Angus Australia Members

December 18, 2017 10:22 am

Angus Australia partners with several genomics laboratories in delivering modern, affordable DNA testing services to Angus Australia members.

Following the acquisition of the Animal Genetics Lab at the University of Queensland by Neogen Corporation Company, Angus Australia is pleased to announce that a new range of DNA services will be available to members via GeneSeek AustralAsia (GAA) from January 1st 2018 onwards.

The new services include:

  1. The existing GeneSeek Genomic Profiler products (GGP-LD & GGP-HD) have been replaced with a new, high density genomic product known as Angus GS. The new Angus GS product was developed in collaboration between the Angus Genetics Inc (i.e. American Angus Association) and Neogen, has been designed specifically for Angus cattle, and is available at a considerably lower cost than other high density products.
  2. The base genotyping panel for parentage verification has been replaced with a new higher density panel. The new parentage verification panel contains more single nucleotide polymorphisms (or “SNPs”) than the previous panel (~500 SNPs v ~200 SNPs), improving the reliability of parentage verification results.The new parentage verification panel is fully compatible with all previous and current parentage verification platforms offered by both GAA and Zoetis.
  3. A new range of genetic condition and genetic trait tests are available as “add-on” tests when animals are genotyped with the Angus GS product.Add-on tests are now available for 8 genetic conditions, plus coat colour, myostatin, and homozygous poll, and are available at a considerably lower retail price by comparison to when the tests are conducted as individual, stand-alone tests.Note: this does not imply that animals need to be tested for additional genetic conditions or genetic traits, but rather that the tests are available if members have need to test individual animals. e.g. to accommodate export semen requirements into some overseas markets.
  4. Testing is now available to identify the PI status of animals for BVDV. PI testing can either be conducted as a stand-alone test (from hair or TSU samples), or as an add-on to the Angus GS product (from TSU samples only).
  5. The $8.80 surcharge for the processing of TSU samples has been removed. TSU samples can now be accepted for testing with GAA at no additional cost, with the capability now existing to place any surplus TSU sample in long term storage for future testing, if and when required. Surcharges still apply for the processing of semen and tissue (non-TSU) samples.
  6. In cases where it is not possible to obtain a suitable DNA sample from an animal, a SNP profile can now be built from the genotypes of their progeny, providing genotypes are available for a minimum of 10 progeny. Genotypes of the other parent/s of the 10 progeny are also required. Previously only a microsatellite profile could be built when it was not possible to obtain a DNA sample for an animal.
  7. In association with the availability of the new DNA services, Angus Australia has revised the pricing for all DNA services that are available via GAA, with considerably reduced prices now available to Angus Australia members.  An updated fee schedule, effective from January 1st 2018, is provided below. Importantly, the retail prices of all DNA services remain on a cost-recovery basis only, and do not include any profit margin to Angus Australia.

To further discuss the new DNA services that are available to Angus Australia members from GAA, please contact Angus Australia’s Breed Development Manager, Andrew Byrne, on (02) 6773 4618 or Information is also available from staff at GAA on (07) 5460 1960.