Gold, Silver & Bronze for Angus Beef Brands

December 10, 2015 12:02 pm

Gold, Silver & Bronze for Angus Beef Brands

In what can only be described as a dominant performance, Angus beef brands have once again come away from the 2015 Sydney Royal Fine Food Branded Beef Awards with a swag of medals and awards.

The Sydney Royal Branded Beef Competition judges MSA-certified Australian beef.  Striploins are judged in three different feed-based classes: grass fed, grain fed and open. Entries are awarded scores based on flavour, tenderness, with key considerations given to raw visual appeal and texture.

Overall Angus beef brands were awarded three gold medals, six silver medals, one bronze medal and the Champion Grain Fed Beef Exhibit.

JBS Australia’s flagship grainfed beef brand, Riverina Angus was awarded a gold medal in Class 2 – Grain Fed, a silver medal in Class 3 – Open Class and the Champion Grain Fed Beef Exhibit.

Riverina Angus is verified under the JBS Angus program, with the brand a result of raising the finest quality cattle on grain. Cattle are sourced exclusively from JBS’s Riverina feedlot located in southern New South Wales, with carcasses processed in the adjoining facility.

JBS Australia’s northern sales manager, Brendan Tatt, said the continued success of the company’s beef brands at competitions was a testament to the livestock suppliers, feedlot division and processing staff’s continued focus on consistency and quality.

“The success of our brands at these awards this year give us, and ultimately the restaurants and retailers around the world that sell our brands, confidence that we can offer the consumer a premium and consistent experience when they place their trust in our brands,” Mr Tatt said.

Certified Angus Group’s (CAG) Signature Angus Pure and Signature Certified Australian Angus Beef (CAAB) also performed well.

Signature Angus Pure, the grass fed brand from CAG, was awarded a Gold medal in Class 1 – Grass Fed.

Angus Pure was developed in 2009 as a response to the recognised consumer demand for a high quality pasture fed Angus Beef product produced naturally; pasture fed, free from antibiotics and hormone growth promotants.

Chief Executive officer of CAG, Kate Brabin said that ‘We are absolutely thrilled that Thomas Foods produced the winning entry for Signature Angus Pure. It is Signature Angus Pure’s first Gold at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Competition. We know we have a superior Pasture fed product in Angus Pure, raised without GMO’s and Antibiotics and that has now been acknowledged by Australia’s Premier Fine Foods Show’.

Signature CAAB, the grain fed brand from CAG, was awarded a silver medal in Class 3 – Open Class.

Established in 1996, CAAB was an initiative driven by Angus Australia to promote Angus beef product on the traits inherent to Angus beef and afforded to the product through the use of superior genetics. CAAB, drawing from superior Angus cattle produces an Angus beef meal synonymous with superior juciness, tenderness and flavour to assure an enjoyable eating experience everytime.

‘Certified Australian Angus Beef continues to perform securing a Silver Medal in the Open Class, being beaten only by a Wagyu entry. It is interesting to note that the entry that won the Grain fed section and went on to win Champion Grain fed Exhibit was also entered in the Open Class where it was beaten by Signature CAAB’, said Mrs Brabin.

As the only branded beef entered in the competition that is owned by the members of Angus Australia, CAG were justifiably proud of the achievements of Angus Pure and CAAB.

The third gold medal awarded to an Angus brand was in Class 2 – Grain Fed, with the recipient being Coles Finest Angus Beef, entered by Coles Supermarkets and produced by Australian Country Choice.

Further silver medals were awarded to Angus beef brands:
– Cape Byron, exhibited and produced by Bindaree Beef Pty Ltd; Class 2 Grain Fed
– Stockyard Gold, exhibited and produced by Stockyard Pty Ltd; Class 2 Grain Fed
– Angus Reserve, exhibited and produced by Oakey Beef Exports Pty Ltd; Class 2 Grain Fed
– Coorong Angus Premium Grade Black Angus, exhibited and produced by Richard Gunners Fine Meats Pty Ltd; Class 3 Open Class

One bronze medal was awarded to Angus beef brand:
– Grainge Angus Beef, exhibited and produced by Andrews Meat Industries; Class 2 Grain Fed