Honour of the highest for Koojan Hills stalwart Lew Smit

August 3, 2016 11:35 am

A tribute to Lew Smit, well known Angus breeder from Koojan Hills Angus, Kojonup WA, took place at a Bunbury golf resort on Thursday 28 July.

Lew was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in 2013 for service to the livestock industry, particularly involving the Angus breed.

The Smit family ran the extremely successful Koojan Hills Angus stud for 53 years and after careful consideration Lew and his wife Pam decided it was time to hang up their boots and sold the stud and the name in December 2015 and held his 39th and final bulls sale in February 2016 were he set a new WA record average price of $10788 for 52 bulls.

Mr Smit said that Angus were the first breed to use EBVs and that technology helped pave the way towards improved progress.

In the Koojan Hills Angus catalogue last year Lew wrote “at Koojan Hills, we believe that breeding for structural soundness, an acceptable type and a quiet temperament is the basis on which and successful breeding policy should be based”.

“In addition, we have embraced the incorporation of science into our program through the use of TACE technology, which quantifies the important economic traits such as birth weight, growth, milk, carcase and fertility, which are all important determinants of profitability”

Lew has also made considerable contributions to Angus Australia, serving as a Director on the Angus Australia Board for over 11 years and during that time held many positions, including Chairman of the Board from 1991 – 94.

In 2008 Lew Smit was awarded Honorary Life Membership to Angus Australia

Angus Australia would like to congratulate Lew Smit of his achievements and celebrate his involvement and contributions to the cattle industry and the Angus breed.


Pictured top: Lew Smit shows some stud history with Koojan Hills Champion, which was judged Reserve Champion at the 1977 Sydney Royal Show and sold for $5200. Picture courtesy of Bob Garnant