Industry welcomes commercial initiative

March 8, 2017 2:58 pm

The launch of Angus Australia’s Commercial Development program has been received by the beef industry with enthusiasm and strong support.

The concept that the development of this program will be shaped by the requirements and desires of the marketplace and the commercial supply chain has been endorsed by industry favourably.

This inclusion has promoted engagement, positive action and support from the beef industry and enthusiasm to work with Angus Australia for the benefit of its members and the wider value chain.

Throughout the first three months of this program, an extensive database of beef value chain participants has been made aware of Angus Australia’s intent for greater engagement.

The initial phase has largely focused on lotfeeders, processors and agency networks with over 30 face to face industry meetings, including the industry body representatives ALPA (Australia Livestock & Property Agents) and ALFA (Australian Lot Feeder Association), BeefEx 2016 Conference, large agency networks, Australia’s three largest meat processing companies as well as feedlot operations that represent approximately 65% of cattle currently on feed.

Thus far, four key aspects have been identified that industry believe Angus Australia should invest resources to address. These include:

  1. What strategies are Angus Australia implementing to better protect the Angus brand? Specifically, what assurances can be given that cattle being sold as Angus, are actually Angus?
  2. Can Angus Australia facilitate initiatives that develop and promote stronger partnerships and alliances between the beef value chain and Angus Australia members?
  3. What strategies does Angus Australia have in place that will continue to improve the performance of Angus?
  4. Could Angus Australia build partnerships with major industry influencers for the benefit of its members?

In 2017 this program will continue to investigate what the marketplace wants from Angus Australia and our members. As we shift into phase two of this program we will look to collaborate with the beef value chain to promote better integration from the paddock, right through to the plate of our consumers as well as deliver initiatives that promote and reward quality Angus cattle.

To discuss the Commercial Development program further please contact:

Liz Pearson
Commercial Development Manager
0488 758 360