Introducing Angus ONLINE

April 7, 2020 10:39 am

Angus Australia is pleased to announce the availability of Angus ONLINE.

Angus ONLINE enables Angus Australia members to interact directly with Angus Australia’s breed registry database and complete many of the tasks that are currently undertaken by Angus Australia’s Member Services team.

Using Angus ONLINE, Angus Australia members can now request and manage their DNA testing with Angus Australia, while in time, Angus ONLINE will enable members to register their animals, record animal performance information, create online sale catalogues, and modify their membership details, plus much more.

Angus ONLINE enables members to complete tasks from the comfort of their home in real time, rather than having to send information for processing by the Member Services team.

The development of Angus ONLINE follows the implementation of Angus Database Search and Angus SELECT, and is the next stage of Angus Australia’s software development initiative.



Referred to as Angus.Tech, this software development initiative involves transitioning the software that is utilised to manage Angus Australia’s extensive pedigree, performance and genomic database, from generic software available from 3rd party service providers, to in-house software that is specifically tailored to the needs of Angus Australia and our members.