Introducing GeneSeek AustralAsia

September 5, 2017 1:21 pm

Angus Australia wishes to make members aware that by GeneSeek AustralAsia (GAA), a wholly owned Neogen Corporation Company, has acquired 100% of the assets and business of the Animal Genetics Laboratory at the University of Queensland.

Headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, Neogen is a global leader in animal genomic testing and services, with the laboratory at Gatton joining GeneSeek’s other genomics service centres in USA, Scotland, and Brazil.

The services that were previously available to Angus Australia members from the UQ laboratory, remain available from the GAA laboratory, including:

  • The DNA services that were previously available to Angus Australia members are still available from GAA and at the same price.
  • The process by which Angus Australia members send DNA samples/test requests and receive test results via Angus Australia is the same.
  • The same UQ sample collectors should be used by members when requesting DNA services from GAA.
  • The staff at the UQ laboratory have been retained by GAA.

The main change that Angus Australia members will notice in the short term is to the name of the laboratory on any correspondence and documentation received from Angus Australia.

Longer term, Angus Australia is in discussions with GAA regarding the DNA services that are available to Angus Australia members.  It is anticipated there may be some considerable changes to the DNA services that are available to members from January 2018 onwards, particularly regarding the GGP-LD and GGP-HD products.

Angus Australia would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to the University of Queensland for the services that it has provided to our organisation and our members over a long period of time. The UQ Animal Genetics Laboratory has played an important role in the improvement of the Angus breed in Australia, and the contribution of all its past and current staff is gratefully acknowledged.