Introducing Neogen Australasia

March 7, 2018 1:35 pm

Many will recall that GeneSeek AustralAsia (GAA), a wholly owned Neogen Corporation Company, acquired 100% of the assets and business of the Animal Genetics Laboratory at the University of Queensland in September 2017.

As of March 1st, 2018, GeneSeek AustralAsia will now be known as Neogen Australasia (NAA).

The change in name reflects an expansion of the services offered by the laboratory in Gatton into veterinary diagnostics, food safety genomics, and the leveraging of Neogen’s entire food and animal safety portfolio of products into agricultural markets in the region.

Importantly, the services that were previously available to Angus Australia members from GeneSeek AustralAsia remain unchanged.

  • the DNA services that were previously available are still available from Neogen Australasia and at the same price.
  • The process by which Angus Australia members send DNA samples/test requests and receive test results via Angus Australia is the same.
  • The same UQ sample collectors should be used by members when requesting DNA services from NAA.

The only change that Angus Australia members will notice is to the name of the laboratory on any correspondence and documentation received from Angus Australia.