Introducing the New Angus GS™ Product

December 18, 2017 11:30 am

Angus Australia and GeneSeek AustralAsia will launch a new genomic product for Angus seedstock cattle from January 1st, 2018.

Known as Angus GS™, the new product has been built specifically for the Angus breed and is available exclusively in Australia to Angus Australia members.

“The Angus GS is a high density genomic product containing DNA markers that are highly informative for Angus cattle”, said Dr Russell Lyons, General Manager, GeneSeek AustralAsia (GAA).

“Research during the development of the product focused on saturating the genomic test with markers targeting specific regions of influence in Angus cattle” said Dr Lyons. “This means future improved accuracy once a subset of animals have been tested with Angus GS”.

Additional markers for traits like fertility, feed efficiency, meat tenderness, animal health and environmental adaptability have been included to advance research for future trait selection.

“The availability of the Angus GS product in Australia is part of Angus Australia’s commitment to provide Angus Australia members with modern, affordable DNA testing services”, said Mr Andrew Byrne, Breed Development & Extension Manager at Angus Australia.

“Coupled with recent enhancements to the manner in which genomic information is utilised within the Angus TACE genetic evaluation, the Angus GS product will ensure that Angus breeders have access to the latest breeding and genetic technologies, which in turn will further accelerate the considerable genetic improvement that is already being achieved within the Angus breed”, said Mr Byrne.

The Angus GSproduct was developed in partnership between the Angus Genetics Inc, a subsidiary of the American Angus Association, and Neogen.

“The Angus GS product was unveiled in the United States during November and Angus Australia has been successful in obtaining a license to offer the product in Australia” said Mr Byrne.

“We are extremely grateful to our colleagues in North American for affording us with the opportunity to provide the Angus GS product to Angus Australia members”

Further information regarding the new Angus GS product is available from the Angus Genetics Inc website (

Angus GS™ – Fast Facts

  • A high density genomic product containing approximately ~50,000 SNPs
  • Considerably lower cost than other high density genomic products, with an initial retail price of $51.45 (incl. GST).
  • Fully compatible with Angus TACE.
  • Capability to conduct “add-on” testing for 8 genetic conditions, plus myostatin, coat colour and homozygous poll.
  • Contains all SNPs from the SireSeek product for parentage verification
  • Contains ~10,000 informative, Angus specific SNPs
  • Contains ~8,000 SNPs from DNA regions influencing reproduction of Angus cattle
  • Contains ~500 SNPs from DNA regions influencing tenderness
  • Contains markers for health traits, environmental adaptability and feed efficiency from latest beef research in the United States
  • Ordered exclusively in Australia from Angus Australia