Macca’s committed to Angus

January 9, 2018 10:05 am


McDonald’s firmly believes in the quality of Australia’s locally grown and sourced produce and are committed to bringing the best quality product to its customers. McDonald’s is known for its 100% Aussie beef. Australia has some of the best produce and beef in the world.

McDonald’s understands that its success closely relies on the quality of its produce, and the farmers and growers who supply the restaurants right around Australia. Some of these farming families have been supplying McDonald’s with quality produce for 40 years, as long as the business has been open in Australia. It’s because of these relationships that McDonald’s can source the majority of the ingredients it uses in its menu locally.

Take the Corrigan family. Lucinda and Bryan Corrigan, who run a fifth generation family farm in NSW alongside their daughter Ruth and son Anthony. The Corrigan family have worked with McDonald’s since its entry into Australia in 1971.

“The beef that’s served in McDonald’s restaurants around Australia comes from farms just like ours, spending most of their life on pasture then ending up in a high-quality McDonald’s burger. We understand that food is important, so we work hard to produce the best Aussie product possible for Aussies to enjoy,” says Lucinda.

This year, McDonald’s launched a series of television and social media campaigns supporting Aussie farming, working with beef producers, such as the Corrigan family, to highlight the quality of Australian beef.

View the Corrigan family video here.



Each year, McDonald’s spends $1 billion on locally sourced and manufactured products and ingredients. This includes 25.3 million kilograms of beef, including Angus.

Angus burgers have been a huge success for the Australian McDonald’s business since they first launched in 2009. While McDonald’s core range of burgers including the Big Mac and Cheeseburger continue to perform well, the introduction of Angus beef has evolved their range and opened up new avenues for the brand.

The Angus beef burger has continued to evolve since it launched. McDonald’s have just launched a new thicker Angus patty which extends their commitment to the local Angus industry. There are now three Angus burgers offered in the Gourmet Creations range, which are available in restaurant and through drive thru.

McDonald’s remains committed to Angus beef and will continue to innovate to ensure it remains relevant for its customers.

To ensure the quality of our Angus beef is maintained, McDonald’s, together with Certified Angus Group Pty Ltd, a subsidiary company of Angus Australia, developed the MacAngus Program in 2009. This independent third-party audit program verifies that the Angus beef complies with industry standards and meets McDonald’s specific requirements. This program is now conducted directly by Angus Australia.

McDonald’s has multiple approved MacAngus Angus beef processors in Australia, each of whom are subjected to regular audits, completed by Angus Australia. These audits include both physical assessment and DNA sampling and require a close working relationship between Angus Australia and McDonald’s.

McDonald’s uses these independent, third-party verification audits to ensure the integrity is maintained to give their customers the best possible food experience. The verification allows McDonald’s to stand behind its product and its quality.

Angus Australia and McDonald’s are committed to work together to ensure we can continue to provide the 2 million customers who visit McDonald’s restaurant every day with the option to purchase excellent quality Australian Angus beef.