McDonalds Angus verification ends

September 30, 2020 12:30 pm

The 25th August 2020 marked the 11th anniversary of the launch of the McDonalds Angus burger range.

For the past 11 years Angus Australia, either directly or through its former subsidiary company Certified Angus Group Pty Ltd, has verified all the beef going into the highly successful Angus burger range sold at McDonalds restaurants in Australia and New Zealand.

Verification by Angus Australia of the beef sold by McDonalds in Angus burgers set an important benchmark in the fast food sector for product integrity, ensuring that when ordering an Angus burger McDonald’s customers were getting what they paid for and were consuming genuine Angus beef.

In commenting on the success of the program, Angus Australia’s Commercial Supply Chain Manager, Liz Pearson said “The McDonalds Angus burger range transformed the fast food sector in Australia and New Zealand, taking the Angus brand to the masses and building household recognition of this high quality beef to consumers around Australia, New Zealand and beyond.”

“As well as adding to the quality and diversity of the McDonalds restaurant range and generating enormous benefits to McDonalds and its consumers, the Angus burger program has also contributed to increasing in the value of the whole carcass and boosting the demand for Angus cattle, generating more money in the pocket of Australian Angus producers.”

“Over the 11 years several million Angus cattle have passed through the verification program, converting to many, many millions of Angus beef patties enjoyed by consumers in Australia and New Zealand,” said Ms Pearson.

Following 11 years of mutual benefit to McDonalds, Angus Australia and Angus beef producers, and consumers, Angus Australia is disappointed to advise that its verification services for product going into the McDonalds Angus burger range is to be terminated by McDonalds on 30th September 2020.

“Whilst we understand that McDonalds will continue to offer the Angus burger range, Angus Australia will unfortunately no longer be involved in the verification of the integrity of the breed claim for this range.  To that end, Angus Australia can no longer provide assurances that the beef in these burgers is actually Angus,” Ms Pearson said.

“Although the Angus verification program will discontinue, Angus Australia thanks McDonalds Australia, supply chain companies MAC Pacific, AgriFoods Global Pty Ltd and Fulton Market Group and their suppliers into this program for their confidence in the Angus breed and their role in taking the Angus brand to new heights.”

“It is rare for a corporation like McDonalds to have a partnership with an industry organisation such as has been achieved with Angus Australia. We look forward to new opportunities to collaborate with industry influencers for the benefit of consumers and Angus breeders alike ” said Ms Pearson.

Feature Image: Launch of the McDonalds Angus burger range at MAC Pacific offices, East Balmain in August 2009, with Peter Parnell (CEO, Angus Australia), Ronald McDonald and Greg Fuller (Pine Creek Angus).