New DNA Services Available to Angus Producers

March 29, 2017 12:22 pm

Over the past six months, Angus Australia has been working with both Zoetis Animal Genetics and the Animal Genetics Laboratory at the University of Queensland to improve the DNA services that are available to members of Angus Australia.

Angus Australia is pleased to inform members that a range of new DNA services are now available.

  1. The density (number of single nucleotide polymorphisms or “snips”) of the genotyping platforms that are utilised for parentage verification have been considerably increased, improving the reliability of the parentage verification analyses that are conducted on Angus animals.The parentage verification platform offered by Zoetis now includes ~280 SNPs, while the University of Queensland platform includes ~200 SNPs. Previously the platforms offered by both DNA laboratories included ~140 SNPs.
  2. Testing for genetic conditions is now available as an “add-on” test if animals are genotyped with either the GeneSeek GGP or Zoetis i50K products. The retail price for genetic condition testing conducted as an “add-on” tests is considerably lower than if the genetic condition testing is conducted as a stand-alone test.
  3. Tests are now available for a greater number of the genetic conditions that are recognised within Angus Australia’s Regulations from both Zoetis and the University of Queensland.Note: this does not imply that additional genetic condition testing is required, but rather that the tests are available if members wish to test an animal. e.g. to accommodate export semen requirements into some overseas markets.

In association with the availability of new DNA services, Angus Australia’s Board and Management Team have also been reviewing the manner in which members are invoiced for DNA services.

  1. One all-inclusive retail price will now be charged for each individual DNA service, as opposed to invoicing genotyping and sample handling fees as two individual items.
  2. The all-inclusive retail price for each individual DNA service will appropriately cover both genotyping costs, plus other costs to Angus Australia that are incurred in association with the provision of the DNA service. This includes costs such as labour costs to process samples and results, freight charges, ABRI database fees, royalties, sample storage costs, and the costs associated with the storage, handling and analysis of the genomic data.

Importantly, the changes to the manner in which members are invoiced for DNA services does not increase the overall retail prices of the DNA services that are offered by Angus Australia. Rather the retail price of most DNA services either remains unchanged, or decreases slightly. Similarly, the retail prices of DNA services remain on a cost-recovery basis only, and do not include any profit margin to Angus Australia.

To further discuss the new DNA services that are available, or changes to the manner in which DNA services are invoiced, please contact either Angus Australia’s Breed Development Manager, Andrew Byrne, on (02) 6773 4618 or, or Angus Australia’s Member Services Manager, Lee-Anne Turner on (02) 6773 4604 or

An updated listing of the DNA services that are now available by clicking on the button below.