About the Verified Black Angus Beef Brands!

Jacks Creek Black Angus

One of 100% Verified Black Angus Beef brands through the Angus Australia brand verification program, Warmoll Foods Jack’s Creek Black Angus.  Jack’s Creek Black Angus focusses on marketing high quality grain fed beef with up to a 3+ marble score and an emphasis on maintaining its renowned consistently exceptional eating quality.






Angus Reserve

NH Foods Angus Reserve is one of the 100% Verified Black Angus beef brands.  NH Foods Australia’s Angus Reserve is produced by its own Queensland establishment, Oakey Beef Exports.  Angus Reserve meets exacting conditions on marbling, age, weight, meat colour and fat colour to guarantee only the highest quality beef is retained.







Ranger’s Valley Black Onyx



Ranger’s Valley Black Onyx is a 100% Verified Black Angus beef brands in the Angus Australia brand verification program. Black Onyx has black Angus parentage with minimum of 270 days on feed to ensure a superior quality beef product, that assures for an amazing eating experience.  Black Onyx holds a marbling score of MB3+.




Three Creek Beef

Three Creek Beef is located on properties near Armidale, NSW.  Three Creek Beef follows global best practice standards in delivering their beef products with the philosophy of treating their cattle with the utmost care extending through to processing.  Rob Finlayson and his family have raised prime cattle on the land, and the land around it, for five generations.