2019 Angus Feature Show DRAFT Timetable

2019 Angus Feature Show DRAFT Timetable

Monday 8 April

Beef Cattle and Steers bump in

Tuesday 9 April

Beef Cattle and Steers bump in

Wednesday 10 April

Steers weigh & scan

Thursday 11 April

8.00am – Beef Cattle Inspections and Bulls weigh & scan

9.00am – Angus Steer Show in Hoecker (Submit Stan Hill Team nomination to RAS before 7pm)

10.00am – Angus Youth Parader’s Competition

Followed by – Angus Youth Bred and Owned Classes

Followed by – Angus Youth Junior Judging (incorporating University of Illinois Scholarship judging)

5.30pm-6.30pm – Happy Hour – Hospitality Area

Time TBC – Stock Show U Team fitting competition event run by the Cattle Shop

Friday 12 April SHOW DAY 1

Purebred Steer Judging & Auction

Time TBA – Allocation of caps and polo shirts for Grand Parade

7.05-7.35pm Angus Parade Main Arena – Dress Code:  Polo shirts and caps

8.00pm – Happy Hour

Saturday 13 April SHOW DAY 2

11.45am – Norman Lethbridge Award presentations

Beef Breed Judging

12 noon – Day 1 Judging – Angus Bulls (in Hoecker)

6.30pm – Angus Function – Centenary of Angus Australia, NSW Celebration

Sunday 14 April SHOW DAY 3

Purebred Steers depart early am

Beef Breed Judging cont.

10.15am – Angus Australia 25 year and 50 year Membership – Presentation of Awards (in Hoeker)

10:30am – Day 2 Judging – Angus Females and Group Classes (in Hoecker)

“Nibbles after Judging” Hospitality Area

5pm – Angus Sale in Amphitheatre

Monday 15 April SHOW DAY 4

Beef Championships – Interbreed

Happy Hour – 4.00pm-5.00pm (Presentation of remaining AY Event competitions)

Tuesday 16 April SHOW DAY 5

Beef bump out mid afternoon

This program is a draft and maybe subject to change, revised 21/02/19