Paddock to palate weight gain success

June 30, 2021 2:32 pm

Angus and Angus cross cattle made their mark in the first round of the RNA paddock to Palate Competition with some solid results across the board.

The competition objectively measures the performance of pens of 100 day export and 70 day trade on weight gain performance in the feedlot, carcase attributes in the chiller, commercial value and meat eating quality judged by a panel of expert chefs.

748 steers from Queensland and New South Wales operations have been added in this years’ event, with producers recently coming together to hear the weight gain results.

The Weight Gain phase of the Paddock to Palate competition accounts for 35 of 155 points in total in the 100 day and 70 day competitions, while the carcase competition accounts for 110 points and the MSA eating quality section accounts for 10 points. The final results and overall championships are set to be announced during an awards dinner at the EKKA in August.

Class 37 – Rabobank Highest Individual Weight Gain 

1st – Russell Pastoral Operations – Angus cross – ADG 3.310kg – Kenmore QLD 


Class 38 – Elanco Animal Health Best Weight Gain for Pen of Six Grain Fed Steers (70 Day) 

1st – Russell Pastoral Operations – Angus cross – ADG 2.843kg – Kenmore QLD 

3rd – Russell Pastoral Operations – Angus cross – ADG 2.802kg – Kenmore QLD 


Class 40 – Best Weight Gain for Pen of Six Grain-Fed Steers (100 Day HGP Free) 

2nd – Texas Angus – Angus – ADG 2.180kg – Warialda NSW 


Class 40 – Highest Individual Weight Gain

3rd – Texas Angus – Angus – Warialda NSW 

Feature Image: Angus steers entered by Texas Angus in  Class 40, 100 Day Export HGP Free. 90F was 3rd overall for Individual weight gain. Image: Texas Angus