Recording Red Angus Animals with Angus Australia

March 2, 2020 3:39 pm

With the recent removal of the Red Angus Register as one of the breeding registers maintained by Angus Australia, members are reminded that Angus Australia’s registration system facilitates the recording of Red Angus animals on the Angus Herd Book Register and Angus Performance Register.

The Angus Herd Book Register (HBR) is provided for the registration of straight-bred black or red Angus animals that are the progeny of a sire and a dam each of which are also recorded in the HBR or in some other register approved for the purpose by the Society.

The Angus Performance Register (APR) is provided for the registration of straight-bred black or red Angus animals not eligible for recording in the HBR. Straight-bred refers to animals of 7/8th Angus content or greater.

Red Angus animals recorded on the HBR or APR have the same registration status, and access to all the same Angus Australia services as Black Angus animals.

To further discuss the options to record Red Angus animals, please contact Angus Australia’s Member Services team on (02) 6773 4600.


Advantages of Recording Red Angus with Angus Australia

  • Animals are recorded in Angus Australia’s internationally recognised pedigree and performance database for Australian Angus seedstock animals
  • Animals are benchmarked against other Angus animals in Australia and New Zealand through participation in the TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation, including calculation of EBVs for 24 traits
  • Animals can be DNA tested with world leading genomic technology available exclusively to Angus Australia members, such as the Angus uLD, Angus GS and HD50K for Angus products
  • Animals can be marketed through Angus SELECT, the largest one-stop shop for Angus seedstock genetics in Australia