HBR – Herd Book Register

The Herd Book Register (HBR) is the highest level of seedstock recording provided by Angus Australia.

The Herd Book Register (HBR) is provided for the registration of animals that are the progeny of sires and dams which are also recorded in the HBR.

The HBR is the original Herd Book or Stud Register of Angus Australia and has the highest quality requirements of all the registers. It is a closed Herd Book, which means that animals can only be registered in the HBR if both their parents are already enrolled in that register. No outside animals are eligible and animals cannot be upgraded from other registers into the HBR unless their parents qualify. Strict regulations cover registration in the HBR. An update of the Regulations is printed annually and changes to the Regulations are notified to members.

Each animal to be recorded must be individually identified through a combination of tattooing, fire or freeze branding and National Livestock Identification electronic devices (NLIS tags).

Individual animal identification requirements are clearly laid out and are inspected for animals entered in Royal shows and special sales.

Only animals which are black or red in colour are eligible for entry in the HBR.

All new calves entered in the HBR must have a DNA profile recorded on file for their nominated sire.  That sire must also be sire parent verified. If from embryo transfer then the donor dam must be DNA profile if flushed after 1/1/2003 to enable reliable parent verification.

The HBR enables members to record pedigree and performance information on their purebred Angus cattle for inclusion in the TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation.

As per Angus Australia Rules & Regulations random parent verification using DNA is regularly conducted.

Only HBR registered animals are accepted for registration in corresponding overseas Angus Herd Books.

Annually members are provided with a Herd Inventory list of all recorded females 2 years and over which are regarded as active, for example; for which Inventory fees are due and if paid, may have a calf recorded for that female in that year. A listing of active females is then distributed. Calf Record Forms, which provide space for calf details to be recorded and returned to Angus Australia. These details include calf ident, sire ident, birth date, birth weight (optional) and a calving ease score (optional).  Calf details may also be submitted electronically via the online member area.

Following the notification of calf details, breeders are sent further forms for entry of subsequent performance details (200-Day Weight, 400-Day Weight, etc.) for inclusion in the TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation.  Again, extra performance details can be submitted electronically.



All Full and Junior Full Members of Angus Australia are eligible to record animals in the HBR.

Pedigree Performance Certificates for HBR animals are issued by the Angus Society on request. In addition, as a participant in the TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation you will receive EBV reports after each batch of performance data is submitted. This information is valuable documentation of the genetic potential of your animals.



The fees for using the HBR are outlined in the Angus Australia Rules & Regulations.

An annual Herd Inventory fee is payable for all females 2 years and older recorded on the HBR.

Breeders wishing to participate in the TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation must pay an annual Genetic Evaluation Service fee.



If you require further information about the HBR please contact The Member Services Team on  Phone 02 6773 4600, Fax 02 6772 3095 or Email regos@angusaustralia.com.au