How to register your calves

How to register your calves

There are four ways to register your calves with Angus Australia:

  1. Manual Calf Record Forms (Paper or PDF)
  2. Herd Management Programs (Email)
  3. Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel Calf Record Forms)
  4. Online through the “Members Area” of the Angus Australia Website.

Manual Calf Records Forms

Angus Australia emails Calf Record Forms as a PDF to members at the beginning of April and August for Autumn and Spring Calving groups respectively. The list of active females on your Inventory is pre-printed on the forms. Record each female’s calf beside her on the Calf Record Form. You also need to record the calf’s sire, date of birth, identification number and sex. Herds enrolled in the TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation can record birth performance information such as weight and calving ease on this form too. Instructions, codes and sample entries are included with the forms.  For cows that have twins, enter details of one twin beside the cow and re-enter her number on a spare line to register the second calf.

If members require Calf Record Forms to be printed and posted rather than to receive them by email, please contact the Angus Australia office.

To download Calf Record Form CLICK HERE

To download Calf Record Information Form CLICK HERE

Embry Transfer (ET) Calves

Embryo Transfer calves are recorded on separate ET Calf Record Forms. Details of the implant date of the embryo, along with the identification number, breed and age of the recipient dam must be given for ET calves. If the donor dam is born on or after 1/1/2004, a DNA profile for the donor dam must be recorded with the Society. If the donor dam is born on or after 1/1/2018, the DNA profile must be a SNP profile with a minimum of 5,000 SNPs.

To download Embryo Transfer Form CLICK HERE

Submitting Registration Forms

Please sign the bottom of each Calf Record Form and ET Calf Record Form. Remember that in doing so you are stating that the information is correct. The information that you submit is the data that will be printed on registration certificates and included in the TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation.

Members can either submit Calf Record Forms in two ways:

  1. Scan completed forms and email to; or
  2. Photocopy completed forms and post to Angus Australia.

Registering Calves Electronically

Angus Australia encourages members to submit their calf registrations to Angus Australia in an electronic format, rather than the traditional Calf Record Forms.  The most popular way in which your registrations can be submitted electronically is by using one of the following Herd Management Programs which are compatible with Angus Australia’s registration system:

  • HERD MASTER – available through Saltbush Agricultural Software;
  • STOCKBOOK – available through Practical Systems;
  • CattleLink – available through Herdlink;
  • KoolCollect – available through Sapien Technology.

Alternatively, Angus Australia has also developed an Excel Spreadsheet that members can use to submit their calf registrations. To download Excel Calf Record form CLICK HERE NOTE: Microsoft Excel or compatible program is required to use this spreadsheet.

Please ensure that you read the instructions carefully before entering the details of your calves onto the Excel Spreadsheet. Any registrations which are submitted in an incorrect format shall be returned to the member for correction prior to the registrations being processed.

Online Via the Members Area on the Angus Australia Website

Angus Australia offers its members the opportunity to complete registration via the members download area at

What if you make a mistake?

Then you won’t be the first and we make them too. After each batch of registrations is processed, we will send you a Calf Registration Report that lists details of the calves that have been successfully registered. Please check the details to make sure they are correct. Let us know of any errors.

Any problems we find are flagged as Pending Registrations. An “Animal Request for Information Summary Report” may also be sent back to you with the Calf Registration Report asking you to provide more information or to check what you have submitted. When you confirm details or supply the required information, the registration will be completed, and a registration report forwarded.

Correction details should be made in writing and either emailed or posted to the Member Services team.

Registration Certificates

Registration Certificates or Detailed Animal Reports with pedigree and performance information can be generated by members in Angus.TECH by using the Angus Database Search Report Centre.  Alternatively, these can be provided to members on request.

For more information

If you have any queries regarding any aspect of Calf Registrations, please feel free to contact the Member Services Team

P: 02 6773 4600