Report from 100th Angus Australia AGM and Board meeting conducted on 23-24th May 2019

June 5, 2019 11:25 am

The 100th Angus Australia Annual General Meeting was conducted in Albury on Friday 23rd May 2019, followed by a meeting of the Angus Australia Board. 

At the Annual General Meeting, President Brad Gilmour tabled the Consolidated Financial Statements for the Angus Society of Australia and Controlled Entities, the Director’s Declaration, and the Independent Auditors Report for the financial year ended 31 December 2018; and, declared Dr Laurie Denholm as the successful candidate in the recent Nationalelected Director ballot The President advised that considering the newly elected Director, and those Directors with continuing terms, the 2019 Angus Australia Board would consist of the following electedDirectors: Mrs Erica Halliday, Mr Sam White and Dr Laurie Denholm from NSW; Mr Brett Piraner from Queensland; Mr Andrew Kuss from Western Australia; Mr Brad Gilmour and Mr Hamish McFarlane from Victoria; Mr Jock Hughes from Tasmania; and, Mr Perry Gunner from South Australia.  

The President acknowledged the contributions of retiring Directors, Mrs Libby Creek and Mr Jim Wedge Mrs Libby Creek served as a State-elected Director from South Australia for the last 8 years. During this period, Mrs Creek made an enormous contribution to the Board, including performing the role of Board Chairman during 2017-2018, and as a member of numerous Board Committees, including most recently as Chair of the Strategy and Risk Committee.  Mr Jim Wedge served as a National-elected Director for 2 years and particularly made significant contributions as Chairman of the Board’s Commercial Supply Chain Committee. 

The President acknowledged the 13 members recognized with 50 years continuous membership during 2018, including Degafelga Partners, Vic; Inglewood Estate, NSW; Yalkuri Pty Ltd, SA; Truro Angus, Vic; Mackie & Co Pty Ltd, WA; I Collard, WA; M Schlicht, Vic; H & R Lawson, Vic; John MacLachlan Pty Ltd, Vic; D Scanlon, SA; W & J Crossing, NSW; Fingal Pastoral, Tas; and H & D Richards, Vic.  In addition, it was noted that a further 25 members were recognised during 2018 for their 25 years continuous membership. 

At its subsequent meeting, conducted on the 23-24th May 2019 the Board again elected Mr Brad Gilmour as President (Board Chairman), and Mr Sam White as Vice-President.   

The Board passed the following resolutions: 

  • Angus Assuredsale catalogues will be discontinued and replaced with Angus Australia Sale Catalogue Member Agreement. 
  • A new Regulation 6.23 be introduced “It shall be a requirement for the registration of calves in the HBR, RAR, APR, ACR or MBR who have been bred by AI or ET and whose sire is born after 1/1/2018, that the sire must be tested for any genetic conditions recognised by the Society for which commercially available tests are available”; and, Regulations 6.23 to 6.50 renumbered accordingly. 
  • A new Regulation 17.1 be introduced “Requests for DNA services will only be accepted by the Society if the request is provided in an approved format, and the DNA samples are provided in a form accepted by the Society”; and, Regulations 17.1 to 17.11 renumbered accordingly. 

The next Board meeting will be conducted on the 26-27th July 2019 in Sydney.  

Peter Parnell
Chief Executive Officer 

28th May 2019