Report from 99th Angus Australia AGM and Board meeting conducted on 24-25th May 2018

June 6, 2018 9:13 am

The 99th Angus Australia Annual General Meeting was conducted in Armidale on the 24th May 2018, followed by a Board meeting on the 25th May 2018.

At the Annual General Meeting, President Libby Creek tabled the Society’s 2017 Financial Reports and the Director’s and Auditor’s Reports; and, declared the declaration of the results of the recent Directors ballot. The President advised that considering the newly elected Directors, and those Directors with continuing terms, the 2018 Angus Australia Board would consist of the following elected-Directors: Mrs Erica Halliday and Mr Sam White from NSW; Mr Brett Piraner and Mr Jim Wedge from Queensland; Mr Andrew Kuss from Western Australia; Mr Brad Gilmour and Mr Hamish McFarlane from Victoria; Mr Jock Hughes from Tasmania; and, Mrs Libby Creek from South Australia.

The President acknowledged the contributions of retiring Directors, Mrs Samantha Dobson, Dr Laurie Denholm, Mr Dean Fredericksen, Mr Tony Seymour and Mr Lindsay Wolridge.

Mrs Samantha Dobson served as a State-elected Director from Tasmania for the last 2 years, including performing the role of Chair of the Commercial Supply Chain Committee.

Dr Laurie Denholm served as a State-elected Director from NSW for 2 years and particularly made significant contributions as Chairman of the Board’s Strategy and Risk Committee.

Mr Dean Fredericksen served as a National-elected Director for 2 years and particularly made significant contributions as Chairman of the Board’s Marketing, Communications and Youth Committee.

Mr Tony Seymour served as a State-elected Director from Tasmania for 8 years and an Appointed Director for 2 years.  During this time Tony made an enormous contribution to the Board, participating in various Committees and in particular taking a leading role in the oversight of the financial management of Angus Australia as Chairman of the Board’s Audit and Finance Committee.

Mr Lindsay Wolridge, served as a state-elected Director from Western Australia for the past 8 years.  Lindsay contributed significantly to all aspects of the Board and particularly in the development of breed development policy and oversight of technical issues in the role of Chairman of the Board’s Breed Development and Extension Committee.

At its subsequent meeting, conducted on the 25th May, 2018 the Board elected Mr Brad Gilmour as President (Chaiman), and Mr Sam White as Vice-President.  On taking the Chair, Brad Gilmour acknowledged the contributions made by Libby Creek during her 2-year term as President.

The Board resolved to invite Dr Laurie Denholm to serve as an Optional Appointed Director, as per Clause 13.1 (d) of the Angus Australia Constitution, with specific expertise in risk assessment, risk management and governance not available among the elected Directors.

The CEO and Managers provided the Board with an overview of progress with various initiatives in breed development and extension, strategic projects, marketing, youth development, commercial supply chain, and organisational support.

The Board considered recommendations from various Board Committees and approved several amendments to the Angus Australia Regulations designed to maintain the integrity of the pedigree information in the Angus Australia database, including an overhaul of the DNA and parentage verification requirements for animal registration and changes to the requirements for registration of animals recorded with other breed associations (overseas and domestic).  In addition, changes to the Regulations around the use of Angus TACE were simplified, and new Regulations introduced relating to export pedigree certification.

Further details of the Regulation changes will be provided separately to the membership once they have been integrated into existing Regulations and necessary changes made to the associated breed registry software.  Pending the completion of the necessary changes to the breed registry software, the amended Regulations are planned to take effect from 1st July 2018.

The next Board meeting will be conducted on the 26-27th July in Sydney.

Peter Parnell
Chief Executive Officer
31st May 2018