Report from Angus Australia Board Meeting conducted 29-30th November, 2018

December 10, 2018 2:22 pm

The Angus Australia Board met in Armidale on the 29-30th November. This followed meetings of the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program (ASBP) Consultative Committee and the Angus TACE Consultative Committee on the 28th November, and an ASBP Open Day at Tullimba research feedlot where progeny test steers undergoing feed efficiency testing were on display.

The Board considered the following items:

– Review of 2019 Operational Plans for all Angus Australia programs and approval of the associated budget (with no scheduled fee increases).
– Review of Regulations, with the following changes to be implemented from 1st January 2019

  • A new Regulation 5.12 be introduced as follows “Where a breeding female is under 2 years of age within the Inventory Year and has calved, a Herd Inventory Fee will be invoiced to register the calf”
  • Registration 6.4 be amended to “Applications for registration will only be accepted for progeny of females that were “Active” in the calving season in which the progeny are born, and for which Herd Inventory Fees have been paid”.
  • Regulation 6.39 be amended to “The registration of an animal recorded in the HBR, RAR, APR, ACR & MBR when either the sire or dam were under 11 months of age at the time of conception must be accompanied by DNA sire verification”.
  • Regulation 11.5 be amended to “Straight-bred Angus ACR females can be upgraded to the APR register on payment of a prescribed fee”.
  • Regulation 17.11 be amended to “Where genotype data indicates unresolved discrepancies in the recorded parentage, sex or recessive gene status of an animal born after 1/1/2018 the suspected erroneous information will be removed from the Society database and the animals’ registration status will be revoked until the discrepancies are resolved”.

– Director election schedule approved for 2019 for the election of a single Director for each the states of Victoria, Queensland and South Australia; and one nationally elected Director.

Angus Australia Board meetings in 2019 are scheduled for: 7th March, 25th May, 25th July, 13th September, and the 28-29th November.

The 2019 Regulations and Fee schedule will be available on the Angus Australia website from the 2nd January 2019.

Peter Parnell
Chief Executive Officer
Angus Australia