Report from Angus Australia Board meeting conducted on 26-27th July 2018

August 7, 2018 11:30 am

The Angus Australia Board met in Sydney on the 26-27th July 2016.

Major considerations of the Board included:

  • Review of management report on progress with various initiatives in breed development, extension, strategic projects, marketing, youth development, commercial supply chain, and organisational support.
  • Conduct of workshop on developing the Board’s “10-Year Roadmap” for Angus Australia.
  • Approval of installation of backup power system for computer server and DNA storage facility.
  • Agreement to continue the Angus TACE Consultative Committee, with revised Terms of Reference.
  • Amendment of Regulation 17.2 to “DNA samples must be provided on request for the conduct of any DNA testing deemed necessary by the Society. If DNA samples are not provided within 90 days of the request, animal registration may be cancelled”.
  • Agreement to progress with the development of a generic, non-lab specific, Angus Australia DNA hair collector to be offered to members on a cost-recovery basis.
  • Pending agreement by Victorian State Committee and NSW State Committee, Angus Australia proceeds with proposal from SA State Committee for Angus Australia to provide a trophy and prize for exhibit that performs best across the Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne Angus Feature Shows in 2019.
  • Plans for Angus Australia’s representation at the World Angus Secretariat meeting to be conducted in Uruguay in March 2019.
  • Agreement to support a Special Resolution to update the Constitution of the Australian Registered Cattle Breeders Association.

The next face-to-face Board meeting will be conducted on the 10th September in Melbourne.

Peter Parnell
Chief Executive Officer
7th August 2018